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Why we’re still in Georgia after 8 months

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You might be wondering why we’re still in Georgia. It’s been eight months now since we’ve entered this country. We … Read More

“At your service” – Police encounters while hitchhiking in Georgia


Georgia, a country where the police always have your back when you’re a hitchhiker! Read this awesome story by Taylor Beckwith … Read More

Visiting ghosts of the past in Chiatura – the Cable Car City of Georgia

| |

I recently saw a Belgian travel documentary called ‘Reizen Waes” in which the host of the show traveled to Chiatura, … Read More

Hitchhiking to Katskhi Pillar – the Most Incredible Cliff Church in the World

| |

A few weeks ago we were watching a video about Georgia in which we briefly saw an image of a … Read More

Oh Georgia, sweet mother of wine!

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One thing I’ve learned about Georgia is that you can’t visit this country without having a taste of its homemade … Read More

One year of hitchhiking – the good, the bad and the untold stories. Part 2: Turkey

| |

As you could read in the first part of our one year of hitchhiking story, we kind of speeded through Europe. … Read More

One Year of Hitchhiking – The good, the bad and the untold stories. Part 1: Europe

| |

We’ve recently celebrated the first anniversary of our hitchhiking journey across the world. We didn’t get as far as expected … Read More

Dog Shooters & Roof Top Tents


This week we feature a story from our fellow nomad and hitchhiker Emmanuel Marshall.  He describes himself as an excessively tall person with … Read More

Svaneti – will the Wild Heart of the Caucasus finally be tamed?

| |

  Located in northwestern Georgia and locked in the heart of the Caucasus mountains lies the historic province of Svaneti. … Read More

What happens when you overstay the Turkish visa

| |

It is in our nature to follow rules. We are so conditioned to the idea that by breaking them, we … Read More

Lost and Found – The Magic of Travel

| |

This is the inspiring story by Miguel from Travelsauro about the Magic of Travel. I’ve liked to travel for as long as I … Read More

Things no one will tell you about teaching abroad

| |

I hear – or better said read – a lot of those overly positive stories about how wonderful and amazing … Read More

Don’t quit your daydream!

| |

A new story for our collection of inspiring Travel Stories! This story is written and filmed (!) by the lovely Renne of Travel Lushes!   Hey, I’m … Read More

One hell of a first hitchhike

| |

A new addition to our collection of crazy hitchhiking stories! Alex and Sebastiaan from Lost with Purpose had their first hitchhiking experience … Read More

Falling in love with Chaos


This week we have the honor to add the inspiring story of Chris from Lessons Learned Abroad to our Travel Stories! LESSONS LEARNED FROM … Read More

You can do more with less. Why not Sell All Your Stuff?


What would you do more if you had less stuff? We’re living in a society that throws advertisements about things … Read More

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