Is it easy to hitchhike across China? Tips, tools and rules when hitchhiking in China.

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The pleasant and unpleasant surprises of hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan

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Hitchhiking to Tusheti, Georgia’s most beautiful and remote region

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10 years of experience – Everything you need to know about Hitchhiking

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9 months of hitchhiking in Georgia: the good, the bad and the untold stories

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“At your service” – Police encounters while hitchhiking in Georgia

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How to prepare yourself for hitchhiking and camping in winter

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One year of hitchhiking – the good, the bad and the untold stories. Part 2: Turkey

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One hell of a first hitchhike

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Why we hitchhike and sail across the whole world

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Hitchhiking, wild camping and food – Our budget tips for backpacking in Europe!

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Hitchhiking and traveling on a budget in North Italy

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How to hitchhike a gondola in Venice

Venice; the ‘Floating City’. Hundreds of canals flow through this beautiful place and separate it into 118 little islands. The … Read More

Why crossing borders at night isn’t always a good idea…

Crossing a border in certain countries can be stressful. I’ve heard stories from Africa and South America. It never crossed … Read More

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