How to travel overland from Europe to Asia – routes, borders, ferries and visas
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Plans are made to be changed. Especially when they include hitchhiking, overland travel, crossing borders and applying for visas. We … Read More

How to volunteer abroad for free
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During our past years of travel we’ve done a lot of volunteering work. I volunteered as a teacher in Senegal, … Read More

15 Amazing Places to visit in Georgia
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Georgia, a land of rock and stone, medieval fortresses and monasteries, green hills, majestic mountains, deep caves and rocky beaches. … Read More

How much does it cost to travel and live in Georgia (the country)?
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Georgia is an underrated backpacker’s destination. Not only is it the perfect destination for nature, culture and history lovers, it’s … Read More

10 years of experience – Everything you need to know about Hitchhiking
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Hitchhiking.  The word itself brings back thousands of memories.   I remember hitchhiking through The Sahara desert in Morocco late … Read More

9 months of hitchhiking in Georgia: the good, the bad and the untold stories
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It’s been 9 months now since we hitched our first ride in Georgia. During that time we lived in Tbilisi … Read More

7 beautiful off-the-beaten-path hikes in Georgia
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Georgia a great summer destination if you love hiking. The country is also known as the “Gem of the Caucasus” … Read More

Why we’re still in Georgia after 8 months
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You might be wondering why we’re still in Georgia. It’s been eight months now since we’ve entered this country. We … Read More

Our guide to a perfect stay in Batumi
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The first time we saw Batumi, Georgia’s second largest city, it wasn’t really love at first sight. It gave us … Read More

“At your service” – Police encounters while hitchhiking in Georgia

Georgia, a country where the police always have your back when you’re a hitchhiker! Read this awesome story by Taylor Beckwith … Read More

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