Is it easy to hitchhike across China? Tips, tools and rules when hitchhiking in China.
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Our friends Zevla and Vojta from Hobo Journey went on a one-year-long hitchhiking journey from the Czech Republic to Mongolia and back. … Read More

The pleasant and unpleasant surprises of hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan
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Stories about our first hitchhiking experiences in Kyrgyzstan and useful tips for travelers who would like to do the same … Read More

Hitchhiking to Tusheti, Georgia’s most beautiful and remote region
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Georgia is an incredible country. It’s not a very popular tourist destination yet but everyone who visits it for the … Read More

10 years of experience – Everything you need to know about Hitchhiking
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  Hitchhiking.  The word itself brings back thousands of memories.   I remember hitchhiking through The Sahara desert in Morocco … Read More

9 months of hitchhiking in Georgia: the good, the bad and the untold stories
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It’s been 9 months now since we hitched our first ride in Georgia. During that time we lived in Tbilisi … Read More

“At your service” – Police encounters while hitchhiking in Georgia

Georgia, a country where the police always have your back when you’re a hitchhiker! Read this awesome story by Taylor Beckwith … Read More

How to prepare yourself for hitchhiking and camping in winter
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A practical guide with tips and gear to prepare yourself for hitchhiking and camping in winter.   Hitchhiking in winter … Read More

One year of hitchhiking – the good, the bad and the untold stories. Part 2: Turkey
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As you could read in the first part of our one year of hitchhiking story, we kind of speeded through Europe. … Read More

One Year of Hitchhiking – The good, the bad and the untold stories. Part 1: Europe
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We’ve recently celebrated the first anniversary of our hitchhiking journey across the world. We didn’t get as far as expected … Read More

One hell of a first hitchhike
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A new addition to our collection of crazy hitchhiking stories! Alex and Sebastiaan from Lost with Purpose had their first hitchhiking experience … Read More

Why we hitchhike and sail across the whole world
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We have both been living on the road for several years, loving the unusual, inspiring, unconventional nomadic lifestyle. When we … Read More

Hitchhiking, wild camping and food – Our budget tips for backpacking in Europe!
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People wonder if we have pockets full of money to go on a world journey like this. Euhm, no we … Read More

Hitchhiking and traveling on a budget in North Italy
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Although we had some misadventures along the road, North Italy was an interesting journey for both of us. ! In … Read More

How to hitchhike a gondola in Venice
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Venice; the ‘Floating City’. Hundreds of canals flow through this beautiful place and separate it into 118 little islands. The … Read More

Why crossing borders at night isn’t always a good idea…
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Crossing a border in certain countries can be stressful. I’ve heard stories from Africa and South America. It never crossed … Read More

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