7 beautiful off-the-beaten-path hikes in Georgia

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Why we’re still in Georgia after 8 months

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“At your service” – Police encounters while hitchhiking in Georgia

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Visiting ghosts of the past in Chiatura – the Cable Car City of Georgia

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The Katskhi Pillar – the Most Incredible Cliff Church in the World

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Oh Georgia, sweet mother of wine!

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10 dishes from the Georgian cuisine you absolutely have to try!

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Winter Wonderland in Batumi

Batumi, the second largest city of Georgia, is located on the Black Sea Coast, right next to the border with … Read More

Vardzia – the ancient Cave City of Georgia

Vardzia is a spectacular cave monastery near Aspindza in southern Georgia. It looks like one of the movie sets of Lord … Read More

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Svaneti – will the Wild Heart of the Caucasus finally be tamed?

  Located in northwestern Georgia and locked in the heart of the Caucasus mountains lies the historic province of Svaneti. … Read More

What happens when you overstay your visa in Turkey

  It is in our nature to follow rules. We are so conditioned to the idea that by breaking them, … Read More

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