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Blown away by the beauty of Charyn Canyon – The Complete Travel Guide


This hiking guide covers all the information you need to know about visiting the Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan, including how much it costs, how to get to Charyn Canyon from Almaty, where to stay, what to do and how to prepare for this trip.


A comprehensive travel guide to Charyn Canyon - Journal of Nomads


After weeks of crossing the endless wide-open plains and deserts of Western and Central Kazakhstan, we were up for a big surprise when we visited the Southeast region of Kazakhstan.


This region, stretching from Almaty (Kazakhstan’s former capital city) to Lake Balkhash, is known as Zhetisu, meaning Land of Seven Rivers.


It’s one of Kazakhstan’s most varied regions: from semi-deserts to lush greenery and dense forests, from Grand Canyon-like rock formations to waterfalls and lakes fed by the glacial meltwater of the snow-peaked Tien Shan mountain range.


This part of the country is nicknamed ‘the Golden Triangle’ for its trio of major natural attractions: the Charyn Canyon (also written as Sharyn Canyon), the Kolsai Lakes and the Altyn-Emel National Park.


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In this post, I focus on visiting the Charyn Canyon near Almaty.


If you have a few days to explore the area, I would also suggest you read our complete travel guide to the Kolsai lakes and the nearby sunken forest of Kaindy lake.


Charyn Canyon - map Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads



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Exploring Charyn Canyon – the Grand Canyon’s little Kazakh brother


The Charyn Canyon (or Sharyn Canyon) is part of the Charyn Canyon National Park and stretches 154km along the Charyn River, one of the deepest rivers of the Northern Tien Shan mountains.


For more than 12 million years, wind, water and sand sculpted Charyn’s red sandstone to form the wonderful shapes and shades that vary from deep orange to light brown.


Some of the cliffs resemble fantastical figures, the reason why some parts of the canyon are also called the Valley of Castles, the Devil’s Gorge and the Ghosts Gorge.


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - Journal of Nomads


The multicolored rock layers are the product of different stages of sediment deposits, from volcanic lava rocks at the bottom to red debris on top, deposited by the rivers that once flowed through.


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - Journal of Nomads


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - Journal of Nomads


The Charyn Canyon consists of 5 different canyons: the Valley of Castles, the Temirlik Canyon, the Yellow Canyon, the Red Canyon and the Bestamak Canyon.


The Valley of Castles is the most famous part of the Charyn Canyon but if you can spare 2 or more days, hike or drive around in a 4×4 and visit all of them!


Charyn Canyon - Valley of Castles - Journal of Nomads
The Valley of Castles


Charyn Canyon - Yellow Valley - Journal of Nomads
Temirlik Canyon


There are a few legends about the canyon. People believed that it was a place haunted by spirits who didn’t like to be disturbed by the living.


To keep people away, these evil spirits drove animals to the cliffs and forced them to jump down on anyone walking through the canyon.


Now there are stories that these evil spirits were in fact wolves that were hunting people.


Charyn Canyon -legends - nightly shadows - Journal of Nomads
The night falls and strange-looking shadows are coming my way. Oh no, it’s okay, it’s Niko…


One part of the canyon – I don’t know which one exactly – is also called the Witch Canyon. The legend says that witches flew there late at night, luring travelers on the rocks so they could push them off the cliffs.


Whether these stories are true or not, if you’re camping in the canyon, you shouldn’t pitch your tent too close to the edges of the cliffs… The darkness alone is treacherous enough for you to trip and fall, even without wolves or witches!


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - Journal of Nomads
The cliffs are very high and steep, be careful where you walk during the day and at night!


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What you need to know about visiting Charyn Canyon Kazakhstan – practical travel information



1) How much does it cost to visit Charyn Canyon

Before you can reach the Valley of Castles, you will come across an entrance gate. The officer in the little kiosk will ask for your passport, documents (if you’re driving) and will want to know if you’ll be camping there for the night.


The entrance fee of Charyn Canyon without camping is 727 tenge per person (about $3).


If you want to spend the night in your tent, you’ll have to pay another 350 tenge per tent (the prices tend to change, depending on the season).

You will have to pay an additional fee if you intend to drive into the canyon with your vehicle, if not, you can park your car near the entrance of the park.



2) How to get to Charyn Canyon from Almaty (and how to get back)

It takes about 4 hours of driving from Almaty to Charyn Canyon (don’t always believe Google Maps).


Charyn Canyon - how to get from Almaty to Charyn Canyon - Journal of Nomads



2.1 How to get from Almaty to Charyn Canyon by public transport

Getting to the Charyn Canyon by public transport is probably not your best option.


We heard that there is a bus leaving from Sayahat bus station (Almaty) to Saty. However, out of all the (local) people we asked, no-one knows when this bus leaves.


If you’re lucky enough to catch this bus (if you did, please provide us with more info in the comments below), you’ll have to ask the bus driver to drop you off at the intersection with the road to the Canyon.


From there it’s a 10km walk before you reach the entrance gate. You could always try to hitchhike that part of the way as there should be a few cars passing by.


Getting back with the same bus will be very hard – if you were already able to take this bus to get there in the first place!


You can hitchhike back or read how to get to the canyon and back by taking a shared taxi.


2.2 From Almaty to Charyn Canyon by shared taxi

If you don’t have your own transportation and you don’t want to hitchhike the whole way, taking a shared taxi from Almaty will be the best and cheapest way to get to Charyn Canyon.


Go to Sayahat bus station and search for the shared taxis that go to Kegen, the name of a village near the canyon (the drivers will shout it).


Ask the driver to drop you off at the intersection with Charyn Canyon (say “stop Charyn povorot”). From there, it’s another 10km walk or you could always hitchhike. The shared taxi should cost around 2000 – 3000 tenge per person (about $6 – $9 at the current exchange rate).


Getting from Charyn Canyon to Almaty might be trickier. You can hitchhike back from the entrance of the canyon to the intersection. There you can signal to stop any passing cars by waving your hand up and down.


When the car stops, it will likely be a shared taxi (if you’re lucky, they’ll understand you’re hitchhiking and you won’t have to pay).


First, ask if they are going to Almaty. If not, try to get a ride to Kokpek, a nearby village. That should cost you around 500 tenge.


Once you’ve reached the village, you will have more chances of finding a bus or a shared taxi to Almaty for 3000 tenge.


2.3 Renting a car in Almaty

A more expensive option is to rent a car.


If you’re willing to pay the price, you’ll get a lot more time and freedom to explore and drive around the canyon. Try to rent a 4×4 car if you’re planning on driving off-road.


Friends of ours were able to rent a car for 30.000 tenge per day ($90 at the current exchange rate) through a local office in Almaty. 


You might find cheaper deals online, like on You can always ask fellow travelers in your guesthouse/ hostel if they are up for joining you on this trip and share the costs.


Check here how much it would cost to rent a car in Almaty:


2.4 Hitchhiking to Charyn Canyon

If you have the time, you can definitely reach the Charyn Canyon by hitchhiking.


It won’t cost you a thing and the trip towards the canyon will probably be an adventure on its own.


Take a mashrutka or shared taxi to get out of the city center of Almaty and once you reach the highway (A-351), you can start hitchhiking towards Kegen.


Once you pass Kokpek, it’s another 30 minutes to the intersection. Say “stop Charyn povorot” so you don’t miss it! 


Make it clear from the start that you’re not paying for the ride, otherwise you might get some problems. Please read our tips on hitchhiking in Kazakhstan.


2.5 Going on a Charyn Canyon tour

Charyn Canyon is one of Almaty’s most popular destinations so it’s pretty easy to join a tour to the canyon.


Which tour company is the best to book a trip to Charyn Canyon?

If you speak some Russian or know someone who can help you (maybe the owner of your hostel/guesthouse), you can book a day tour to Charyn Canyon with HappyTravels for 6000 tenge per person. During this tour you will get to see the Valley of Castles and have some time to walk around the canyon.


Another company that a traveler-friend recently suggested and highly recommend is Outfitter.kzThey offer a one-day jeep tour to Charyn Canyon and you’ll explore the 6 locations of the canyon in one day! Read more about this tour here.


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - Journal of Nomads



3) Where to stay in Charyn Canyon – accommodation options


3.1 Camping in Charyn Canyon

It is possible and safe to camp in Charyn Canyon. You’ll be charged an extra 350 tenge per tent at the entrance gate.


You might see some fellow happy-campers and I heard that it can be quite crowded during high season (June – September). We were there in October and were the only people camping there.


If you visit Charyn Canyon in winter (between October and May) and want to camp there, know that it can get very cold at night so prepare accordingly (check out our packing list for hitchhiking and camping in winter). 


Just be careful not to pitch your tent too close to the cliffs and take your garbage with you (there are plenty of rubbish bins around).


It’s really worth it to camp in Charyn Canyon for at least one night. You’ll be treated to a canopy of stars at night and if you manage to get up early enough to see the sunrise, you’ll see a spectacle of golden colors that give the red cliffs a very special glow.


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -camping in Charyn Canyon- Journal of Nomads
Camping in Charyn Canyon with our friends



Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - sunrise - Journal of Nomads
Enjoying the sunrise/sunset in Charyn Canyon



3.2 Hotels in Charyn Canyon: stay in a yurt or a wooden cabin

There aren’t many accommodation facilities in Charyn Canyon. 


If you don’t want/like to camp, you can always pay the price and stay in one of the yurts or wooden cabins of the eco-park at the bottom of the canyon, near the Charyn River.


The park also has a restaurant and hot springs. Count on 25.000 tenge per person per night, including 3 meals. You can book a night in the eco-park through this website. However, I’m not sure if it’s open throughout winter (we will soon find out).


 The nearest hotels in Charyn Canyon are in Saty, the village on the way to the Kolsai LakesThis would be a perfect option if you also decide to visit these lakes. There are a few homestays in Saty but only one guest house that you book online


Charyn Canyon - Eco Village in Charyn Canyon - Yurds -Banana Journeys
The yurts in the eco-village in Charyn Canyon. Photo by Banana Journeys



Charyn Canyon - Eco Village in Charyn Canyon - cabins -Banana Journeys
The wooden cabins in the eco-village. Photo by Banana Journeys.



4) What to do in Charyn Canyon – hiking & other activities


4.1 Hiking in Charyn Canyon

There are plenty of short walks that you can do in Charyn Canyon. 


The most popular part, the Valley of Castles, is about 3 km long. You’ll find signs pointing you into the direction of where you can safely descend the cliffs.


There are no hiking trails in Charyn Canyon but if you want to be adventurous and go on a longer hike, you can always find inspiration on Wikiloc for an improvised track in the canyon or a track along the Charyn River.


Just prepare yourself well, bring enough food and water (or fill up your LifeStraw Waterfilter Bottle in the river) and tell someone about your plans! Be adventurous but don’t be stupid…


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles -hiking trail - Journal of Nomads


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - hiking trail - Journal of Nomads


4.2 Things to do in Charyn Canyon

If you have your own (rental) car, you could do some off-road driving. Just check with the guards where you can safely drive around – please be careful near the steep cliffs!


During the summer, the canyon can be scorching hot so if you need to cool down, you can go for a swim in the river.


Charyn Canyon - Charyn River - Journal of Nomads


Some tour companies in Almaty offer extra activities, such as rafting, kayaking, fishing and guided off-road driving tours.


5) Best time to visit Charyn Canyon

If this place would be somewhere in Europe, it would be swarmed by tourists from all over the world.


Luckily, Kazakhstan is not on the radar of many tourists yet, so you can still enjoy the vast beauty of the canyon in a rather peaceful way.


However, during the high season (June – September) you will likely bump into many other tourists.


If you want to “have” the canyon for yourself, go on a weekday before or outside the high season. 

Winter is probably not the best time to visit Charyn Canyon. The road to get there is partly invisible due to the amount of snow and could be potentially dangerous. Although, the canyon must look fantastic when it’s covered in a blanket of snow!


Charyn Canyon - Kazakhstan -Valley of Castles - sunrise - Journal of Nomads
Nights and early mornings can be pretty chilly, even in summer



6) How to prepare yourself for a visit to Charyn Canyon


  • Bring enough food and water with you for the amount of time you’re going to spend in the canyon, since there aren’t any food stands or convenience stores. You could always have a meal in the restaurant of the eco-village, but remember that it’s only open during the high season.


  • Wear suitable footwear, preferably hiking boots. The surface of the canyon can be slippery so watch out where you walk. Avoid going off-track as it can be dangerous.


  • If you’re planning on spending the night in the canyon, be aware that it can be pretty cold. Bring a warm sleeping bag and an extra sweater to keep you warm at night. You can find more tips about camping in winter here.


  • In case you’re traveling by yourself, let someone know that you’re going to the canyon and how long you will stay there. If you stick to the path, nothing will happen but remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry (ever watched the movie 127 hours?).


  • Never leave without a proper travel medical insurance. I highly recommend SafetyWing, a Travel Medical Insurance company that provides coverage for hikes up to 4500 meters in Central Asia for only $37 per 4 weeks! Check out more details here!



We made a video of our camping trip to Charyn Canyon. You can watch it here:



I hope this guide provided you with all the information you need to have a great time in the stunning Charyn Canyon. If you have more questions, let me know in the comments below. Feel free to post some photos or share stories of your own visit to the canyon. Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon in the USA? Do you think they are comparable to this one?


A comprehensive travel guide to Charyn Canyon - Journal of Nomads


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  1. Wow looks beautiful, I and with my boyfriend we went for 3 days including Kol Sai lake and Kaiyndy. There is lot of companies can arrange this kind of tours, we choose Pegas Adventure company, and it was great experience in my life.

    If you’re have more than 10 days would be prefer to see Kyrgyzstan. I loved nature, mountains, peoples of Kyrgyzstan

  2. Tout d’abord merci pour votre mine d’informations! c’est inspirant! Savez vous si la rivière gèle l’hiver? Vu les températures, je ne pense pas, mais bon…histoire de savoir si je peux facilement m’approvisionner en eau.
    Merci beaucoup,


    1. Bonjour Nico,

      Comme il fait très froid à Charyn Canyon en hiver, vous pouvez vous attendre à de la neige. Il est très probable que la rivière sera gelée également. C’est difficile à prédire et nous n’y sommes jamais allés pendant les mois les plus froids, mais gardez cela à l’esprit lorsque vous vous préparez pour votre voyage!

      Meilleurs voeux et bon voyage au Kazakhstan!

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  4. Hi, guys 🙂 the article is really great 🙂 I enjoyed in it from the first sentence and first photo 🙂 I am planning to see the canyon in February this year. Do you have some new infos about it in winter? 🙂

    1. Hi Aleksa, thank you! Very happy to hear you enjoyed this article so much!
      How are you planning on going to the canyon? If you’d go by car (maybe you could find other travelers to join you and split the costs), it will be cold but nonetheless beautiful 🙂
      If you want to join a day tour, they only organize them on the weekends in the winter (I believe it was a Saturday) from Almaty.
      Getting there by public transport (shared taxi or hitchhiking) might be more difficult as there will be fewer people going that way now but you never know of course!

      Good luck and enjoy your trip!

    2. Hello Alexa, I’m local, and I can say that winter is a great time to visit Charyn – not hot, no people and amazing contrast of red cliffs & white snow! Take winter jacket and comfortable shoes to hike around. Also take some food cause there’s nothing working at the canyon on winter time. And you can contact tour companies to provide you private tour on any day you wish, with or without guide (just driver), so you can choose what option is more suitable for you, bargain cause it’s a slow season for tour companies. Group tours on weekends is rare thing to find in winter, but check this option through locals. I hope I helped you a little bit 😉

  5. Glimpses of The World

    Love your photos! No wonder they call it the Valley of Castles, it looks stunning. I can only imagine what it was like to stand on the top of the hill there and enjoy the view.
    And I was always wondering about sleeping in yurts, that would probably be an experience for itself! 🙂

  6. Uh, loved the photos and overall your whole blog looks stunning! I went to Grand Canyon myself last year and it was just breathtaking!

    xx, M

  7. I will be honest–I have never considered vacationing in Kazakhstan. However, it actually looks very beautiful, and affordable. Thanks for all the practical information, it is all very useful for travelers planning a trip :).

  8. This guide is so useful. I have never heard about charyn canyons but it looks so similar to Grand Canyon. We been to Grand Canyon last year and this reminded me all those wonderful memories back.

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