We're gaining a lot of skills and knowledge while we're slowly but surely hitchhiking our way around the world. Every country is different and so we have to quickly adapt ourselves to the circumstances and learn more about the regulations and customs. On this page we list some very useful travel and hitchhiking tips about overland travel, boat travel, visas, gear,... and all this information is based on what we've learned throughout the years. 

How to travel overland from Europe to Asia – routes, borders, ferries and visas
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Plans are made to be changed. Especially when they include hitchhiking, overland travel, crossing borders and applying for visas. We … Read More

How to volunteer abroad for free
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During our past years of travel we’ve done a lot of volunteering work. I volunteered as a teacher in Senegal, … Read More

10 years of experience – Everything you need to know about Hitchhiking
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Hitchhiking.  The word itself brings back thousands of memories.   I remember hitchhiking through The Sahara desert in Morocco late … Read More

The Ultimate Travel Communication Tool: a T-shirt!
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I’ve been travelling for years around the world, constantly obsessed with communicating and sharing stories with the people of the … Read More

How to make money while traveling – the Ultimate Guide to find work abroad
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Many people have asked us how we are able to maintain a lifestyle of continuous travels around the world. How … Read More

How to save money while traveling – the Ultimate Guide to Free Accommodation
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Let’s say you want to travel for a long time. You’ve worked very hard to earn a lot (or a … Read More

Hitchhiking in winter – useful tips and gear
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Hitchhiking in winter is a real challenge. What is so hard about it, you may ask? After all, it’s just … Read More

What happens when you overstay the Turkish visa
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It is in our nature to follow rules. We are so conditioned to the idea that by breaking them, we … Read More

Things no one will tell you about teaching abroad
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I hear – or better said read – a lot of those overly positive stories about how wonderful and amazing … Read More

7 Reasons why you should learn a new language TODAY
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I wish I was a rock star in learning languages. That all I had to do was put my ear … Read More

About hitchhiking, wild camping and eating – Our money saving hacks in Europe!
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People wonder if we have pockets full of money to go on a world journey like this. Euhm, no we … Read More

Hitchhiking and traveling on a budget in North Italy

Although we had some misadventures along the road, North Italy was an interesting journey for both of us. ! In … Read More

Why crossing borders at night isn’t always a good idea…
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Crossing a border in certain countries can be stressful. I’ve heard stories from Africa and South America. It never crossed … Read More

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