We spent almost a year in Ireland, where we worked, lived and prepared ourselves for this world trip.


In September 2015, we finally packed our bags and started the big adventure. We took a ferry to France and from there hitchhiked all the way down to the Greek island of Rhodes. It took us about 3 months and we hitchhiked more or less 7500 km across 8 countries.


We visited many beautiful cities, historical sites, national parks and interesting locations along the way. We hitchhiked a gondola in Venice, climbed the rock pillars of Meteora, picked grapes in Greece and went paragliding over the Cretan mountains!


We camped on the side of the road, near gas stations, in forests and we often got invited by 'strangers' to spend the night in their home.


You can watch all the videos of our hitchhiking adventures through Europe on this page.


*Note: the first three videos are narrated in both French and English, from the fourth video on we decided to only speak English 🙂