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Adventure Tours Kyrgyzstan Journal of Nomads



Every year we organize adventure tours in collaboration with small local travel companies to give travelers the chance to explore the countries that left a big impression on us.


We love visiting remote places by horse, camel or by 4×4 car, trek and camp for days in a row in majestic mountains and stay at the camps of local nomads or the homes of people so we get to know the culture and daily lifestyle. 


Would you love to have such unique experiences? It is possible! Just sign up for one of our tours below and we’ll personally guide you around the country!


This is what travelers thought of our previous tours in Kyrgyzstan:


“The tour was just amazing! I am quite used to travel on my own, but joining you guys was definitely the right choice! Otherwise, it couldn’t be possible to reach such beautiful places. Thank you so much for sharing with us your time and your experience as travelers.” (Overland Expedition Kyrgyzstan 2018, Ignacio, Spain)


“Joining this adventure was the best decision I made in recent times. I got to see the most epic nature in the most remote areas of the world and lived as a true Kyrgyz nomad under the throne of Mother Nature. I’ve experienced an adventure I only thought was possible in my imagination. This is not a holiday to charge your batteries but it will give you power in the shape of a memory that will last a lifetime.


In addition to the country, I’ve met in Cynthia, Nico & Aleksei, three very inspiring people who made a huge impression on me and they’ll make sure you’ll get the fullest out of this adventure. Kyrgyzstan is still rather undiscovered and somehow I hope it will be forever but if you want to experience it to the fullest, now is the time so sign up!” – (Adventure Trek Kyrgyzstan 2019, Tobias, Belgium)



“It is a tour you will never forget because of nature, the semi-nomads you will meet and the authentic spontaneous flexible guiding of Cynthia, Niko, and Aleksei. You could ask anything and they would always try their best to meet with your needs! Thanks!” (Adventure Trek Kyrgyzstan 2018, Ceciel, Belgium)


“Guides with reliable local knowledge, situation handling, taking care of everything” (Adventure Trek 2019, Vakaris, Lithuania)


“This trip is perfect for those who want the benefits of group travel – getting to hard-to-reach places and meeting other travelers, but none of the downsides. There is plenty of room for flexibility and independence – participants are often free to choose whether to spend the day taking on the highest peak or just reading in the shade. Covering a wide range of activities, landscapes and places – some well-known, others further off the beaten path – this trip is a great way to experience Kyrgyzstan.”  (Overland Expedition 2019, Anita, Norway)


Adventure Trek Kyrgyzstan 2019 - Journal of Nomads




Morocco Adventure Tours


Morocco Adventure Tours Winter 2020


Available Dates:

January 15th – January 23rd 2020

January 27th – February 7th 2020


Click here for more info and details about this tour!



Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tours


Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tours Summer 2020


Available Dates:


June 20th – June 27th : Overland Expedition



July 1st – July 10th : Adventure Trek

July 15th – July 28th : The Best of Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tour (info & itinerary available soon)



August 1st – August 10th : Adventure Trek

August 28th – September 4th : Overland Expedition





Private photography tours with flexible dates


Are you interested in learning more about photography while traveling abroad or would you like to have a private adventure tour with a group of friends?


I, Cynthia,  am a professional travel photographer and Panasonic Lumix Ambassador who loves to share my knowledge and/or teach you more about travel photography.  You can always contact me for a private photography tour in one of the following destinations: Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.