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Photography was merely a hobby before I started traveling. It wasn’t until my first solo trip to Ireland in 2010 that I discovered how much joy it brings me to capture the beauty of the world around me on camera. Photography became my creative outlet to document my life and love for culture, adventure, and nature.

As I often go to unusual places and lesser-known destinations, I also want to offer a window to a world people don’t know much about yet. There’s so much beauty, wisdom and knowledge around us, often in unexpected places and situations, and I love to showcase this.

My work as a travel photographer/writer has been featured by major publications such as The Guardian, CNN, The Lonely Planet, Knack Magazine, AS Adventure, Shoot Magazine, and many more. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Panasonic Lumix, Discover Kyrgyzstan, Visit Tajikistan, USAID Central Asia, and many others.

I’m nowadays working as a Panasonic Lumix Ambassador.

As photography is such a big and important part of my travels and life in general, I’ve dedicated a part of my blog to travel photography tips and my most beautiful photography stories.

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travel photography tips & stories