Cycling in Turkey

Cycling in Turkey: 3 great routes

This article contains three great routes for anyone who wants to explore Turkey by bicycle.

Written by Eva Henderson



Turkey’s a less expensive alternative to luxury holidays in the West and seems the perfect destination for those who want to taste the greatness of the Ottoman Empire and experience intense adventures in the purest Turkish style.


In Turkey, tradition blends with modern lifestyle, without any of the characteristics of the Turkish culture being altered.


Apart from its numerous particularities and unconventional regions, the time spent in this picturesque country with millennial history can also be spiced up through adrenaline-filled activities.


A plane ticket to Turkey goes rather cheap nowadays, and once there, its amazing bicycle courses can be one of the most attractive and engaging ways of visiting everything.




Cycle 500 km on the St. Paul’s Path


St. Paul’s Way is made up of two trails that stretch along the Roman paths and mountain trails.


The first trip starts from the sea level in Perge, close to Antalya Airport, and goes up to 2,200 meters to Erdigir. The second route starts at Aspendos, 40 km east of Antalya, and joins the first route to the Roman archaeological excavation of Adada.


Along the route you will be able to admire spectacular views and lovely gardens, you can breathe fresh and fragrant air and you can sleep in any of the innumerable hostels on the route.


You will be able to find maps with the 2 routes and suggestions about places of accommodation on the site cultureroutesinturkey, which is considered by many tourists the absolute best guide when visiting Turkey for the first time.



Cycle from Istanbul to Teheran


In order to reach one of its most popular areas, Ankara, you will have to pedal for about 4 days, in full comfort, leaving from Istanbul down to beyond Turkey’s border with Iran. The last Turkish city is Tatvan, located on the shores of the Van lake, famous for Turkish Van’s fins.


The region that surrounds Lake Van was the place of origin for the Urartu kingdom, which lasted between the 9th and 6th centuries BC.


In the region, strong Kurdish and Armenian influences persist, and kebab cuisine is excellent. A return trip by train costs about 140 euros and allows you to enjoy nearly 3,000 kilometers of stunning landscapes.




Cycle from Izmir to Bodrum


Pedaling from Izmir to Bodrum could take anywhere between four to five days, depending on the constant speed maintained. Non-profit groups offer local guides, planned routes, and a sample of Turkish hospitality.


You will travel five or six hours a day along the seafront and on the routes near the lakes.


On this trip, you can visit the ancient ruins of Efes and the temple of Artemis and you will sleep in picturesque guesthouses where you can enjoy cold beers. Depending on the route chosen and the timeframe, the entire trip could end up costing around 600 Euros.


According to numerous testimonials provided by tourists and cyclists, it will most definitely constitute an unforgettable experience and one of the most fulfilling cycling destinations you will come across.




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