Do you want to travel the world for a long time and you want to know how to earn and save money on your travels? Then you're at the right place - or better page!

We've been traveling for years now (Cynthia 6 and Niko 10) and worked in nearly every country we visited to financially support ourselves. On this page we share our tips and experiences on how to make money while you travel and how to save those hard-earned $$$! 

- Earn money on your travels -

- Save money on your travels -

Hitchhiking and traveling on a budget in North Italy

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How to volunteer abroad for free
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How much does it cost to travel and live in Georgia (the country)?
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About hitchhiking, wild camping and eating – Our money saving hacks in Europe!
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Backpacking in China on a budget

When people think of backpacking in Asia, they often don’t immediately think of China. This is a shame, as the … Read More

How to save money while traveling – the Ultimate Guide to Free Accommodation
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How to save money when traveling in Europe

Before I set out on my journey across Europe, I was terrified of travelling alone. My wanderlust overpowered my hesitation, … Read More

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