Here's an overview of the videos we made while we travel overland from Ireland to Alaska, across 6 continents. Click on the destination that interests you and it will bring you to a new page with all the videos of that country. 

Part 1 : Hitchhiking from Ireland to Georgia


We started our trip in Ireland in September 2015. We hitchhiked across 9 European countries during 3 months, traveled 9 months in Turkey and stayed almost one year in Georgia. These are the videos of the first chapter of our journey around the world.

Part 2: Hitchhiking from Georgia to Central Asia


We resumed our journey in August 2017. We hitchhiked for 3 weeks in Azerbaijan, took a cargo ship to Kazakhstan and are currently exploring Central Asia where we'll spend the winter before continuing our trip towards Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and China.