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How to volunteer abroad for free

During our past years of travel we’ve done a lot of volunteering work. I volunteered as a teacher in Senegal, Niko did the same in Mexico and Guatemala. I cared for animals in New Zealand, Australia and England, Niko renovated hostels in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and volunteered in an orphanage in Guatemala. During this journey we volunteered in Ireland as landscapers, picked olives and helped with the maintenance of a nature park in Crete and taught English in a summer camp in Turkey.



There are a lot of organizations that charge a crazy amount of money to volunteer abroad. Why would you want to pay more than $1000 to work if you can do it for free and in exchange for food and board? We always found our volunteering jobs for free using platforms like HelpStay, HelpX, Workaway, … You can find the information about these organizations and more in the article How to save money while traveling.


So how do you volunteer around the world for free and how do you get started? We explain everything in this video:



Do you have any questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


How to volunteer abroad for free - Journal of Nomads
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