Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

Winter Wonderland in Batumi

Batumi, the second largest city of Georgia, is located on the Black Sea Coast, right next to the border with Turkey. The climate is subtropical and if it isn’t warm and humid, it’s raining. It’s even the wettest city in Georgia. During the past two years however, there has been a significant change in the weather and heavy snowstorms have turned the city into a real winter wonderland! Hello Global Warming!



Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of NomadsBatumi on a sunny day


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

Batumi on an unusual snowy day!


Last year on the 31st of December, a heavy snowfall surprised the whole city. In less than one day the snow reached half a meter, which was very unusual for Batumi. You can imagine that this created a lot of problems. The Georgians are used and prepared to snow but not in this area. A typical winter in Batumi means normally a lot of rain and the city barely received any snow during the past 30 years! In some areas the snow even reached one meter high and people were left without electricity for days. The roads were blocked and life in the normally vibrant city stood still for a moment.


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

The beach a few weeks ago


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

The beach last week


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

The park a few weeks ago


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

The park last week


This year the city got covered in another thick winter blanket of snow. We had visited Batumi in the beginning of January and the weather was so warm that we could easily walk around in long-sleeve shirts. When we came back last week, we were welcomed by a heavy snow storm. Not even four weeks earlier we had strolled along the beach for hours while the sun was kissing our skins. That same beach had now an almost knee-deep layer of snow! We’ve seen a lot of snow before but never on a coast that is surrounded by palm trees!


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

Palm trees and snow, not something we see every day


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

Niko dabbling through the almost knee-deep snow on the beach


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


At some point it was snowing so heavily that I had to tuck away my camera. Big waves of water rolled and crashed onto the beach, washing over the snow-covered rocks while thick snowflakes were filling the air. Despite the freezing wind it was such a mighty feeling to be there and witness the elements of nature in action! I couldn’t stop smiling, even though the snow was covering my eyes and ears and filling my shoes. Niko and I eventually had to go back to the warmth of our home if we didn’t want to be transformed into snowmen.


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

Just moments before the air was filled with snow


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


The snow fun only lasted a few days and as I’m writing this photo journal, the snow is almost completely gone. The inhabitants of Batumi are looking relieved that they don’t have to trudge through it anymore. Drivers can now access their cars again without digging their way through big piles of snow. They can now park and drive smoothly in the streets without getting stuck or slamming into something and/or someone on the slippery roads. We could definitely tell that the people here were not used to having a snow-covered city!


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads

It would take some effort to drive out of here!


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


Despite the inconveniences we were very happy that we witnessed the normally subtropical city of Batumi covered in a thick white blanket! The whole city looked stunning! Unfortunately this unusual weather is proof that the climate is changing. I think that this won’t be the last time that Batumi will see snow!


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


Winter wonderland in Batumi - snow - Journal of Nomads


Are you noticing the climate change in your hometown or on your travels?


Winter Wonderland in Batumi Georgia - Journal of Nomads




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14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland in Batumi”

  1. I like your post. Your pictures are so unique and awesome. I am currenty living in Batumi and I am curious if it will be snowing this year. If yeap it will be awesome but also at the same time I am worried about the climate changes and all bad stuff connected to it and another disaster caused by global warming :/

    1. Hi Nasta, thank you so much! How are you enjoying Batumi? We loved living there during the winter!
      It’s hard to predict if it will snow there or not this year, the weather has become very unpredictable. Climate change is unfortunately a fact but instead of being afraid, I think we should stay positive and try our best to live and be more ecological.

      Wishing you all the best and enjoy your time in Batumi!!

  2. Luxurybackpacking

    It really is scary how fast global warming is occurring, and Batumi in Georgia is a perfect example! Even though it looks so beautiful and picturesque in the snow, it is worrying to know that us humans are the cause of such events. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and you’re lucky to have experienced this, I must visit Georgia as I’ve heard all but good things about the country!

    1. Thank you so much! The effects of global warming are becoming more and more visible and I really hope people will become aware of it, otherwise I’m afraid for what might happen in the near future!
      We would definitely recommend visiting Georgia, it’s a beautiful country with very hospitable people!

  3. Awww – this is such a cool idea for a post. I really love the before/after pictures with/without the snow. That’s a wonderful way to really capture the scene. Your photography skills are fabulous as well. Keep up the great work!

  4. It does look like a picture of winter wonderland! The comparison photos are amazingly done. The beach with the pier is just beautifully captured with the sunset. Looks like you had fun in the snow!

  5. I have to say it does look beautiful with the snow, though it would not be easy to travel and see a place when it is like that. I have been travelling the world and everyone is telling me they can no longer predict the weather. I am currently in Peru and they haven´t had rains like this year for years. It is certainly changing everywhere.

    1. It was very hard to get around in this snowy weather. We were lucky to find a warm place to stay and didn’t go on many trips. It wouldn’t have been worth it, most of the roads weren’t accessible. Yes, the whole world is getting affected and we’ll have to see what will happen in the future. Hopefully people will start waking up and become aware that we’ll have to do something about it, asap!

  6. We have a lot of Turkish friends on Instagram and we saw the posts of this storm dumping snow all over the region. I hope everybody there was ok and there was no long term damages to crops or structures. In our neck of the woods (California) there are some strange things happening for sure. Our daughter goes to school in Santa Cruz and all the roads into town have been cut off several times this year. The iconic Highway 1 by Big Sur has half a lane that fell into the ocean. Inland, the Oroville dam is failing and the town is being evacuated up into the mountains near our mom’s house. Very strange weather indeed. I hear that there was a Polar Vortex around Christmas that started all of this strange weather.

    1. Oh waw, those are definitely very unusual events!! Hope the people are okay? Can they find a way to restore the Highway and the Oroville dam? What will happen to the inhabitants now?

  7. That pink sky in Batumi is just beautiful! I find now with global warming that the mix up of weather conditions can lead to some very unusual and amazing patterns and colours in the sky, but it does worry me when a country goes from sub-tropical to snowy and I like to think about how we can better preserve our environment. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing pictures – and great snowman!

    1. Thank you!
      Global warming is a fact and it’s indeed a worrisome problem! We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future and in the meantime we can hopefully find a solution!

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