Which are the best jobs that pay you to travel the world? - Journal of Nomads

What are the best jobs that pay you to travel the world?


A lot of people dream about traveling the world full-time but the thing that’s holding them back is money.

There are some awesome dream jobs that will allow you to travel the world while earning an income and Chris Mercer has listed them for you!



There are very few people out there who don’t love the experience of traveling the world. There are things in our everyday lives though which make it quite difficult for many of us to pursue our dreams and travel the world.


One of the biggest things that are holding people back when it comes to traveling is definitely their source of income. Most people want to travel but don’t have the funds in order to make their dreams come true. If you wish to make a huge change in your life, then here are 7 dream jobs which will help you travel the world and make money along the way.



1. English Teacher


If you’re a native English speaker, you are holding a great ticket in your hands: your native language! Most English speakers might not have thought about it but there are quite a few countries who would love to have a native speaker teach young kids.


This is an experience that will truly be rewarding and unique as you will not only be able to get to live somewhere new and come in contact with the locals, but you will also be able to make an impact on local children’s lives. Keep in mind that you might need a qualification in order to get a teaching job abroad, but thankfully that can be acquired very easily if you are a native speaker. Most schools will ask you for a TEFL Certification. It’s a short and relatively cheap course and when you receive this certification, you’ll have a ticket to the world in your hands!


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You can find more about teaching abroad opportunities on GoAbroad or Tes.


You can also become an online English Teacher and take your teaching job with you wherever you are in the world! Here’s a comprehensive guide to online teaching with how you can become an online teacher and +30 companies and online schools where you can apply.




2. Flight Attendant


Being a flight attendant is one of the most interesting but also one of the most tiring jobs as well. This is usually the first pick of anyone who wishes to travel a lot and actually enjoy themselves. You pretty much get a free pass on nice airplanes, you get to spend a night or two in a new and foreign country and you will get to just get up every morning and do it all over again.


This lifestyle is full of crazy working hours and you will have to have great communication skills as you will be surrounded by people 24/7. On top of that, you will most likely need to pass an interview and even have some sort of qualifications, but that all depends on the company you’re intending to work with.


Read more about how to become a flight attendant


Which are the best jobs that pay you to travel the world? - Journal of Nomads



3. Tour Guide


Do you love traveling, history and teaching others new things? Being a tour guide might just be the best option for you. Imagine living in a new country and having the opportunity to show other people all of the things that made you fall in love with it. You will be around other travelers, just like you and you will be able to share experiences and learn new things too.


This is definitely a great job for anyone who is very outgoing and loves to explore new places and meet new people. Even if you live in one particular country, this job will help you remember just how many amazing places you still have to explore and you’ll be able to even stay within a budget on your travels.


If you’re interested, check out JobMonkey.




4. Travel Blogger


There are many people on social media who you have probably come across, and they simply seem to be in a different place every week. That is because they are, and they have found the best way to make their travel dreams come true without any worries about their income.


Having a travel blog can help you come in contact with a lot of different companies and promote their products and of course get paid for it. On top of that, you can even start your own YouTube channel and share your amazing adventures with the world.


Websites like AttractionTix are interested in working with travel bloggers.


Which are the best jobs that pay you to travel the world? - Journal of Nomads



5. Working on a Cruise Ship


This is a job that not many people have in mind when it comes to finding a job that allows you to travel. If you’re not one to easily get seasick, this could be a great job for you as there are plenty of benefits to it. Whether you wish to work as a photographer, a server or acquire any other position you might have the skills for, you can easily find yourself in an amazing adventure.


Jobs on cruises are highly sought after and you will be happy to hear that there are plenty of positions open. Once you manage to land a gig you will be able to get paid to travel around the world. Not only that, but you will also be having free meals and accommodation without having to pay a thing. How’s that for a sweet deal!


Check Cruise Ship Jobs to find out more about employment on board cruise ships.


Which are the best jobs that pay you to travel the world? - Journal of Nomads



6. Photographer


You might not think it, but being a photographer can truly help you travel the world and have a stable income. If you’re talented enough and you have a good eye for spotting unique and fun places wherever you go, photography could become your ticket to endless travels.


You might need to get some online training and a good quality camera before you get started, but soon enough you will be able to produce great quality pictures. The online market for pictures is huge and you will very easily be able to find a website which will pay you well for your unique shots.


You can sell your photos on the various stock websites like Adobe Stock, iStock, or Etsy.




7. Freelancing


One of the very best ways to travel the world and not have to worry about money is to become a freelancer. No matter which field you chose or where your expertise lies, there are plenty of great websites online which will help you land a good job which will allow you to work from wherever you are in the world.


Freelancing gives you the privilege to work from home and not have to worry about showing up at the office every day. You can work whenever it is most comfortable for you during the day and you will be able to have a lot of free time to explore whichever place you choose as your next destination.


If you would like to start a freelance writing career, contact online writing services such as OnlineWritersRating, GetGoodGrade, or FlashEssay.


Which are the best jobs that pay you to travel the world? - Journal of Nomads



Traveling and working can be a lot more fun than you imagine


One of the best things about having a job that allows you to travel is that you will never get bored of feel like you’re stuck in a monotonous life. Traveling is fun and exciting and it helps you break free of the routine and learn a bunch of new and amazing things about the world around you.


Choosing the right job for you should be done after proper consideration as not every job is for everyone. You need to take a minute and think about your life goals as well as your expectations in order to make the best choice and pick the job that you will truly enjoy. This is the best way to be happy and enjoy a healthy and carefree life.



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