Welcome to Journal of Nomads, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the World!
We are Cynthia and Niko, a Flemish Belgian and a French Canadian and we're the Nomads of this Journal.

What is this Journal about?

Our goal is to hitchhike from Ireland to Alaska, across 6 continents, for a minimum of 5 years and all of that WITHOUT taking any airplanes. We want to show that hitchhiking is not dead! It's a very adventurous and fun way of traveling and absolutely NOT as dangerous as people might think. We get to see the world through the eyes of the local people and by sharing stories with them, we learn more about the culture and traditions than if we would take a bus or a train.


With this journal we document our stories about the beautiful places we see, the remarkable people we meet, the cultures we discover, the lessons we learn and share our tips and experiences on how to hitchhike and travel on a small budget, how to financially maintain a life of full-time travels and how to travel around the whole world without taking one single airplane.

Why this journey?

We both had been traveling around the world for years before meeting each other. Niko left his home at the age of 17 to hitchhike from Canada to Alaska and never stopped traveling ever since. In the following 8 years he hitchhiked from Canada to Guatemala, lived in Mexico and Morocco and hitchhiked around Europe. Cynthia lived a rather 'normal' life until she turned 25, then left her job and home behind to travel. She spent two years in Australia and New Zealand, traveled in Asia and hitchhiked and lived in many European countries.

At some point we were both dreaming of making an overland journey across the world to experience the vastness of this planet, witness how the land and culture change while crossing many borders and learn from the world and its many inhabitants through firsthand experiences instead of watching it in documentaries. The power of our intentions must have been pretty strong because briefly after we had set our own individual goals, we met each other in a very special way in 2014! This was the start of Journal of Nomads!


Our Adventures so far

After we decided we would hitchhike the world together, we traveled to Ireland to work and save money in preparation for our travels. We first lived together in a tiny caravan on the property of friends, whom we helped creating a beautiful retreat center in the midst of the Irish woods. Later we moved to a tree house where we lived for almost two months without electricity and running water. Our time in Ireland wasn't only a financial preparation, we also got a mental, emotional and spiritual boot camp!


We hitched the first ride of this world journey in the autumn of 2015 in Sneem, a small village in Ireland, and so far we hitchhiked roughly 1000 kilometers across 11 countries during the past two years. We're now in Georgia where we are taking the time to discover the country and getting ready for the second leg of this journey: hitchhiking through Central Asia.

Here's a compilation of the first two years of hitchhiking: the good, the bad and the untold stories!

We travel at our own speed, spending enough time in the countries we visit to get a real feel of the place. We don't travel just to see beautiful places. We want to immerse ourselves into the cultures and learn more about the people and their daily life. This map shows you the route we've hitchhiked so far. 

Countries Placeholder
Travel Smart

We also want to show you HOW we travel the world. We don't take airplanes so we travel from country to country by hitchhiking and crossing oceans and seas by boats. Every country has its challenges, whether it's about hitchhiking, local customs, crossing borders, getting visas or traveling on a budget. We also share our secrets on how to earn and save money while traveling the world for years in a row. As our journey advances, we aim to write as many articles possible to help you with your own (overland and/or hitchhiking) travels around the world.

Travel Videos

We also love to document our adventures on camera and we share weekly a video about our hitchhiking adventures through different countries and cultures. With these vlogs we want to show you the reality of how it is to live full-time on the road.

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We love connecting with people from all over the world! Are we heading your way and you'd like to teach us more about your country and culture? Are you traveling in the same area as us?

Contact us because we would love to meet you!

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We hope you'll join us in our travels, virtually and/or physically! Thank you and keep those thumbs up!


Lots of love and happy travels,
Cynthia and Niko