Hello! We are Cynthia Bil (Belgian) and Nicholas Danis Bertrand (Canadian), the founders and owners of Journal of Nomads.

We are both experienced backpackers who began our solo travels many years ago. After meeting in France in 2014, we decided to go together on the ultimate journey - traveling and hitchhiking from Ireland to Alaska, crossing six continents without taking any airplane.

Our unique adventure gained a lot of interest and attention and we transformed our project into a brand with our own website and YouTube channel.

Journal of Nomads is an adventure travel website focused on sustainable long-term journeys. We document unique stories, destinations, activities and travel experiences and provide inspiration and travel advice for our audience.


Join the adventure from your home



Why work with us?

We are two talented individuals with each our own specific set of skills in writing, photography and film-making. We work hard as a creative and dedicated team. If we go for something, we go the whole way!

We launched our brand in November 2015 and within the first three months our website already had more than 15 000 unique views and our audience is growing every day. We reach people in Western Europe and North America and while we are making our way around this planet, the rest of the world is now following too. As our project is growing, we attract a wide range of audiences between the ages of 18 and 45 who are looking for inspiration and travel advice, are interested in off-the-beaten-path destinations and cultures and who want to learn about alternative ways of traveling.




What can we offer?

We are interested in both short and long-term partnerships and will offer services in the English and Dutch language.

  • Brand Ambassadors
    Become an official sponsor of Journal of Nomads! We are available to form partnerships with travel, adventure and equipment companies. We can promote your product to a large audience through brand representation, blog posts, videos and social media shout outs.


  • Travel companies
    We can write reviews and make videos to promote your unique and adventurous tours for our own website or create content for your company's website.


  • Guest posts and articles
    Are you looking for an exclusive and unique article (online/offline) about adventure travel, long-term travel, survival skills, unique destinations and cultures, motivational and inspiring stories or an authentic lifestyle, then look no further and contact us. We can offer you a wide variety of unique stories.


  • Videos & documentaries
    With the combination of Cynthia's talent behind the camera, Niko's skills of filmmaking and video-editing and our unique way of storytelling, we can create for you beautiful quality videos and documentaries.

      --> Here's an example of a video that we made for HelpStay, a company that provides travelers with affordable volunteering experiences abroad.


  • Photography assignments
    Cynthia is a passionate travel and outdoor photographer who takes stunning images and creates photo essays. She can offer you pictures that go beyond the postcard.

     --> Here's a sample of Cynthia's work in The Guardian


  • Public speaking
    We offer presentations and inspirational talks about hitchhiking, travel (long-term, budget, adventure, sustainability,...) and authentic living.


  • Product reviews
    Would you like your product to be professionally reviewed? We can offer an honest visual and written review on items that are designed for adventure and long-term travel.


  • Online Advertising
    We consider proposals from companies that correspond with the theme of our brand. If you feel your company or product could be suitably advertised on our website, please contact us.


Interested? Contact us and let's talk!

We hope to hear from you!

Cynthia & Niko