Traveling in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic – or simply Kyrgyzstan –  is a small landlocked country in Central Asia. The country is defined by the beautiful Tien Shan mountain range which occupies 90% of the country, lush valleys and hundreds of crystal-clear alpine lakes. Kyrgyzstan is a land of nomads who still strongly value their centuries-old nomadic traditions.


If you like being in the wilderness and you’re interested in learning more about the nomadic lifestyle in Central Asia, then you’ll have to travel to Kyrgyzstan! It’s one of the few off-the-beaten-path countries where you can still get a taste of the authentic nomadic culture!

Capital: Bishkek

International airports: Bishkek airport, also called Manas (FRU), and Osh airport (OSS)

Currency: Kyrgyzstani Som (KGS)

Official Languages: Kyrgyz and Russian

Main religion: Islam (86%)


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