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We spent one year in Georgia, which the Georgians call Sarkatvelo, a small country in the middle of the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It has a population of about 3.7 million people and the official language is Georgian.


Georgia has a remarkable mix of landscapes ranging from high mountain peaks, valleys, and meadows to wine-growing valleys and rocky beaches. The country is perfect for hiking in the mountains and exploring lots of culture and history. 




Click on the image below to get all the practical information you need to know about traveling to Georgia. It includes topics such as how to apply for the visa, if you need vaccinations, what you need to pack, how to get around with public transport, driving or hitchhiking, accommodation, what to expect in terms of food and drinks,... 


Everything you need to know about Georgia - Journal of Nomads






Georgia has something for everyone: culture and history lovers will have the feeling they’ve been transported to the past while walking through the ancient villages and towns, hikers will be amazed by the stunning landscapes of the mountains, beach lovers will appreciate the coast of the Black Sea and travelers who enjoy a good party will have a great time in Tbilisi.


Georgia is also home to some very unique and unusual places. Click on the image to find an overview of the best places to visit in Georgia, including all the information on how to get there.


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Travel Costs 

Traveling in Georgia is super cheap and you can easily live on an average budget of $15 per day, depending on what you do of course. Click on the image to find out how much it costs to travel (or live) in Georgia.



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