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Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers


Let me guess.

If you are a student, then the chances are that traveling is one thing you have been willing to have more of on your calendar but could not afford. We’ve all been there! Don’t even try to deny it.


Yet, some young people manage to have it all and travel on a budget. At least five years ago young tourists became a significant economic force in this niche. Forbes reports that at least 20% of all international tourism spendings came from young travelers.


They state that “young travelers today want, more than ever, to enrich themselves with cultural experiences, to meet local people and to improve their employability when they return home.”


So how can you join the group of students who get to stretch a dollar and go places? We know at least ten practical ways of how to make it happen for you. So, read on before you plan your next trip abroad!


Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers - Journal of Nomads



Ten practical tips on how to save money while traveling


1. Be wise about your destinations.

Going to Paris will cost you significantly more than going to Essaouira, Morocco. The money you would easily spend in one day in Paris could be enough for you to last a whole week at a less expensive destination.

Therefore, when you plan your next trip, take this into account, and visit a country that offers more for the same money. The experience will be unforgettable, and you won’t have to spend as much money.



2. Volunteer to travel for free.

You don’t necessarily need to go on a paid vacation to enjoy it. You can volunteer at one of the international organizations abroad. This way you can be helping those in need and travel at the same time.
Such meaningful experiences not only give you a chance to get to know locals more but also dive into the culture, traditions, and problems that the society in a particular country is facing.



3. Look out for student discounts.

If that’s not enough, you can always take advantage of the discounts a card from your college can give you. However, as it doesn’t necessarily work everywhere, choose to order an ISIC card. It works in 133 countries and offers you a ton of things you can do either for free (like visit specific museums) or at a significantly lower price.
Go to their website to order the card or visit their nearby office.



4. Choose alternative means of transport.

Do not let airfare prices make a decision for you. Think about it this way: it might cost a little bit more to go somewhere, but if the locals there support hitchhiking or if the public transportation is relevantly cheap, you can save tons of money on these transportation means.


Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers - Journal of Nomads



5. Stay with locals.

You can always opt for the Couchsurfing services. These guys open their doors to tourists and accommodate them for free. It is a perfect way to cut on expenses and experience living with someone from the country you want to get to know better.
As a “thank you,” you can bring a gift or a souvenir, something specific to your home country that would remind them of your friendly stay.



6. Plan your trip in advance.

Last minute tickets typically cost more. So, it is in your best interest to plan your trip in advance. It does not have to be a detailed plan of your travels, but at least set your mind on the country and purchase tickets. Later when you have more free time, you can throw in details on places to visit. But for now, just buy the tickets until they are too expensive.



7. Save on big suitcases.

Do not take too many things with you if possible. Opt for tickets that only allow carry-on, as they are significantly cheaper, as a rule.
This is especially true if you are going on a short trip. Just take a couple of outfits, and use laundry rooms in case you run out of clothes. This will still be cheaper than paying for a big suitcase.
Besides, think of the convenience of traveling with only one backpack. No need to drag that heavy bag with you if you can put everything you need in a backpack.



8. Make money while traveling.

Another way not to go bankrupt while traveling is by earning some cash while on a trip. Ask locals whether they need anything done or search the web to see what tourists before you did in that country. You might be able to keep your pockets full at all times if you look for opportunities very carefully. And it gets better: think of the chances to work closely with locals.



9. Eat in.

Consider planning your menu ahead of time and buying some of the food at home if it’s cheaper.
Many different companies have created special food for travelers that don’t weigh much and boost your energy by providing all the essential calories to your body for its proper functioning.  And even if specialized food is not in your plans, try to buy food in the store and prepare it at home instead of eating out. This will definitely stretch a dollar for you.



10. Ask locals to give you a tour.

Getting a professional guide to take you around the city can cost you a lot. But on sites like Couchsurfing, you can find people willing to show you around. It is a great pleasure not only to meet such people but also to dive into their culture along with them. And even if you don’t find anyone to take you on a tour, use the Internet to find interesting facts about places you are about to visit, read about them in advance and then go see them. Having some background knowledge about your destination can truly make all the difference to your experience.



As you see, there are tons of ways to save money on traveling. Just go through our recommendations step by step and apply them. This way you get to travel more without having to pay too much money for every new experience.

Sounds too good to be true? We promise it is absolutely possible!



About the author:

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for and various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linked In & Google+.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers”

  1. That’s what we do as well! 😀 Hitchhiking, Couchsurfing, cooking ourselves… Even though we’re traveling in Western Europe, we aren’t spending much 🙂

    One question, how easy is it to hitchhike in countries like Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia…? I don’t know if you’ve been there or know people who has…

    1. Hey Mariel, that’s so great to hear!! Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, and we love hitchhiking and couchsurfing as it brings us closer to the local people.
      We hitchhiked through Croatia and Montenegro and it’s quite easy. Our average waiting time was about 20 minutes so it’s definitely doable! And these countries are super beautiful to visit! All the best and Happy Hitchhiking!! 😀

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