Is Turkey dangerous? This is what we’ve learned so far!

Turkey has been portrayed in a bad light lately by the media: people dying in bomb attacks, the war between … Read More

Leaving Europe in a hurry by boat.

Our journey through Europe is coming to an end!! Unbelievable how this first part of our journey went by so … Read More

Philotimo, a Greek secret worth knowing!

Greece is a stunning country with kind, beautiful people and a fascinating history. The ancient Greeks left us with a … Read More

We all need a break sometimes

A life of endless traveling. Sounds great, doesn’t it! We travel around the world, see unique places and astonishing destinations, … Read More

Meteora – an unusual place in Greece where monks love extreme sports!

There is a mystical place in Greece called Meteora. Above the towns of Kalambaka and Kastraki 24 giant rock formations … Read More

A taste of the Albanian culture

The moment we arrive in Albania, we notice we are in a different culture. It somehow doesn’t feel like Europe … Read More

The thrilling quest for the Albanian border

Hitchhiking through Europe has been great so far. We’ve had rides from so many people of many different nationalities. That’s … Read More

An inspiring meeting on the side of the road

My favorite part of traveling isn’t always the beautiful places I explore. My highlights during a journey are more about … Read More

Plitvice Jezera – a waterfall paradise in Croatia

I’ve always felt very connected with waterfalls. They are a symbol of unleashed creativity, constant movement, an ever-changing and powerful … Read More

Hitchhiking and traveling on a budget in North Italy

Although we had some misadventures along the road, North Italy was an interesting journey for both of us. ! In … Read More

How to hitchhike a gondola in Venice

Venice; the ‘Floating City’. Hundreds of canals flow through this beautiful place and separate it into 118 little islands. The … Read More

Why crossing borders at night isn’t always a good idea…

Crossing a border in certain countries can be stressful. I’ve heard stories from Africa and South America. It never crossed … Read More

How to visit Monaco for free

Located on the French Riviera Monaco is the world’s second smallest country and is known for being a rich and … Read More

Appreciating small things

After a week of hitchhiking, sleeping in forests and camping near gas stations we finally arrived in Lyon. Not only … Read More

Paris, the city of new friendships, selfie sticks and jewel butt plugs…

After 10 days of hitchhiking and camping on the side of the road, we arrived in Paris. We were happy … Read More

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