Svaneti – will the Wild Heart of the Caucasus finally be tamed?

  Located in northwestern Georgia and locked in the heart of the Caucasus mountains lies the historic province of Svaneti. … Read More

What happens when you overstay the Turkish visa

It is in our nature to follow rules. We are so conditioned to the idea that by breaking them, we … Read More

Lost and Found – The Magic of Travel

This is the inspiring story by Miguel from Travelsauro about the Magic of Travel. I’ve liked to travel for as long as I … Read More

Things no one will tell you about teaching abroad

I hear – or better said read – a lot of those overly positive stories about how wonderful and amazing … Read More

Don’t quit your daydream!

A new story for our collection of inspiring Travel Stories! This story is written and filmed (!) by the lovely Renne of Travel Lushes!   Hey, I’m … Read More

Falling in love with Chaos

This week we have the honor to add the inspiring story of Chris from Lessons Learned Abroad to our Travel Stories! LESSONS LEARNED FROM … Read More

You can do more with less. Why not Sell All Your Stuff?

What would you do more if you had less stuff? We’re living in a society that throws advertisements about things … Read More

Finding a better life by following a gut feeling

Much happened since Derek Cullen from No Hanging Around followed his gut feeling and decided to cycle through Africa. His intuition … Read More

7 Reasons why you should learn a new language TODAY

I wish I was a rock star in learning languages. That all I had to do was put my ear … Read More

In the Footsteps of the Nomadic Tribes

The Nomadic Walk is a unique cultural event and happens only once a year around the third week of April. … Read More

A Clueless Traveler – by João Sousa

Our friend João Sousa wrote a tale that is very recognizable for every traveler!   Hello, I’m João, 38 years old and born in … Read More

One market – many stories

I had never realized how many stories a market can tell. I used to associate markets with my weekly shopping. Going … Read More

The Kindness of Strangers

    This is how I would describe the majority of the people we’ve met so far. Good, beautiful and … Read More

Why we hitchhike and sail across the whole world

We have both been living on the road for several years, loving the unusual, inspiring, unconventional nomadic lifestyle. When we … Read More

Ask and it is given – an uncommon love story

Whenever Niko and I tell our friends how we met, they react with amazement. That’s why I decided to share our story with you. … Read More

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