How to stay fit while traveling - Best travel workouts

Best Fitness Travel Workout – 4 Tips to Stay Fit while Traveling


If you’re wondering how to stay fit while traveling or what the best way to train on the road is, you’re in the right place. Here are a few tips to help you stay fit while traveling.


Simon Danis from The Every Day Bros traveled around the world while training every day of his trip. During his travels, he found what where the best travel workout hacks and he wrote this complete guide to help you do the same.



I wrote this article because I love traveling and have come to realize that keeping up with a workout routine while traveling can be difficult.


In this article, you’ll find out how to organize your travel plans to integrate a training program without taking too much time away from your adventure and still keeping up with your fitness routine.


In the last two years, I spent 3 weeks in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, 3 weeks in Morocco, 2 weeks in Switzerland and a few weeks away on out of town trips and cottage time.


At first, I found it really difficult to fit in my training routine without affecting my travel plans. I spent my time trying to find gyms, figuring out how to get there and then trying to figure out what I would eat afterward…


good travel workouts


After many frustrating moments where I had to either cut my workout short to keep up with my travel plans or cut my travel plans to keep up with my training routine, I realized that I had to find a better way to go about it. In order to keep up with a training program, it has to fit well with your lifestyle and day to day routines.


I started looking into alternatives for my travel training program and bits by bits came up with some solutions to enjoy the lifestyle of working out every day and traveling.


Here are some helpful tips and tricks to prepare your travel workout plans so that you can enjoy your vacations and still keep up with your workout routine:



1. Have an alternative travel workout plan that uses no weights


If you can find an affordable gym near your hotel then I highly recommend continuing with your regular workout routine and hitting the gym just like you would normally do.


But let’s be honest, most gyms have crazy rates for 1 day only passes and are not always easily accessible. The first step to keeping up with your workout routine is to assume the worst-case scenario and have an alternative plan.


When looking for alternative workout routines I stumbled on elastic bands and decided to give it a try. First off the full set of elastic bands weighs just a few pounds and takes almost no space in your luggage.


I came up with a full-body workout routine using elastic bands and bodyweight exercises that can come really close to a gym workout using weights and that leaves you with a similar result.


alternative travel workout

Using elastic bands to train can come really close to a real gym workout… 


Keep in mind that if you normally lift heavy weights this will not necessarily bring you gains but you will be able to maintain your fitness level and get a good pump before going out.


When you are traveling you should be going out and exploring places, your workout shouldn’t become a daunting task in your schedule.


calisthenic hotel workout

Dips between chairs is a great workout that can be done anywhere at the drop of a hat…


A hotel room workout that you can customize is, in my opinion, the best way to train efficiently and keep more time for the reason you traveled in the first place.


Usually, I like to get my workout done first thing in the morning, then jump in the shower and move on with my day.



2. Create a schedule


You should have a training schedule, especially when traveling the world. If there’s no schedule in place, then the chances that you will actually get your workouts done are really close to none.


If you have important day trips where you will be gone all day or unable to workout you should schedule those in first and then schedule your training around those activities. Results come from hard work and dedication.


morning run

scheduling a run first thing in the morning is the best way to start the day…


Personally, I like to work out every day no matter what and it’s part of my daily habits just like sleeping and eating. However, if you need some days off, use them efficiently and get out to enjoy your trips and the country you are visiting.


I highly recommend scheduling your workout first thing in the morning, this way you will always get them done and then you can get out and do with your day what you would normally do while traveling.



3. Go for a hike


Personally I like to hike in every country I visit, the bigger the mountain the better it is.


When traveling, I normally take it easy on heavy training for legs and replace those workouts with long hikes. This is an easy way to enjoy great views, burn out your legs and get a good workout done.


If you don’t find hiking hard enough or enough of a workout, then you can simply add some weight into your backpack before leaving.


Believe me, if you hike for a few hours with additional weight in your backpack you will feel the burn and most likely have a hard time walking the next day. This is something you can adapt to your level of intensity and dedication to your fitness goals.


how to stay fit while traveling

A good long hike in the mountains is a great legs workout…


4. Hit Some local gyms


Going to local gyms is always fun but isn’t always worth it, location and price are two things that I normally look at before visiting gyms during travels. If there are nearby gyms that are accessible at an affordable day rate then I prioritize the gym workouts over bodyweight exercises from my hotel room.


I normally look at the gyms on google and read the reviews, most of the time you’ll be able to find the price online. From my experience, smaller local gyms are more affordable and better set up for tourists.


Most bigger gyms only offer monthly memberships and can get really expensive.


staying fit while traveling


Staying fit & healthy while enjoying your travels and food from around the world can be difficult but rewarding if well balanced.


Are you normally someone who travels a lot and if so how do you normally keep up with your training regime? Please comment below and let me know how we can provide you with more tips on training while traveling. For more tips, ideas and personalized training programs, visit The Everyday Bros.


Best Fitness Travel Workout - Four Tips to Stay Fit while Traveling



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Simon Danis is a fitness enthusiast, serial bodybuilder, and triathlete. He’s also an avid runner who participates in various competitions. He writes fitness tips and training guides at The Everyday Bros. He specializes in creating long-term fitness plans for customers from all over the world.


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