7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today

7 Reasons why learning languages is important


I wish I was a rock star in learning languages.


That all I had to do was put my earphones on, listen to a couple of audio lessons while I sleep and that in one week’s time I could speak a language fluently.


Sadly enough it doesn’t work like that.


Even if you’re very talented in learning languages, it requires time, energy and dedication, like with everything else you want to learn or do in life.


Saying that you don’t have a gift for languages is just another excuse for not having to do it.


Everybody can learn a foreign language but not everyone wants to invest time and effort into it. I would advise you, whether you’re a traveler or not, to learn at least one foreign language in your life.


Here are 7 reasons why learning languages is important!


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Niko always finds a way to study, even when there’s no electricity


1. Learning a foreign language is empowering


Speaking a foreign language is very empowering for your personal growth.


Getting the smallest things accomplished in a foreign language makes me feel like I rock this world! When I spoke for the first time Turkish and my interlocutor understood what I was saying, I probably grew an inch.


This is my ego talking, but it felt so good that I could impress someone by speaking their mother tongue.


It made me feel stronger, smarter and more independent. But the most rewarding part was seeing that big smile on the face of the woman I was talking to.


It made her feel valued that a foreign girl had put the effort into learning her native tongue.


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Being able to communicate with people from all over the world is very rewarding!


2. It teaches you discipline


I’ll be honest, I’m not the most disciplined person you’ll meet.


For a long time, I even got goosebumps when I heard this word. I associated it with having to do things against my own will (thank you high school).


I was better at finding excuses to not do something rather than finding how it could be beneficial for me.


This changed when I met Niko. He’s one of the most dedicated and disciplined people I know, especially when it comes to learning a new language.


I mean, he speaks now 8 languages – French, English, Spanish, Moroccan Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian!


He’s able to speak these languages not only because it’s his passion (obsession might even be a better word) but because he also dedicates one hour daily to language learning.


It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do, for one hour a day he will put his earphones on to listen to an audio lesson or gets his language learning books out to study.


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Taking a break on the beach? Perfect opportunity for Niko to listen to some audio lessons!


During a whole year, Niko studied Turkish daily and his discipline was bearing fruits.


While we were hitchhiking across Turkey, Niko was babbling away with our drivers.


They loved it and spontaneously invited us for a tea or a meal, give us their phone number if we ever need a place to stay for the night and share their stories with us.


I wasn’t as dedicated as Niko and learning a new language asks more effort from me but he gave me the right push.


I built up the discipline to study at least every now and then half an hour of Turkish. I can introduce myself, explain to people where I come from, what I do and talk about the weather.


Yes, I regret not studying more often because I felt like Tarzan when trying to explain myself.


Whenever I heard Niko having interesting conversations with our drivers, I wished I could have participated more.


At least I learned the positive meaning of the word discipline by seeing him study languages and by adopting that daily routine.


I now feel more productive and dedicated. It’s amazing what a simple tweak of behavior can do in your life!


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Niko is easily making new friends!


3. Learning a new language is good for the brain


Speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. It’s like a muscle you’re training.


You become smarter and more perceptive, you build multitasking skills, your memory improves and it can even prevent Alzheimer’s!


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Look at those smart faces!


4. By speaking the language, you become part of the culture


It’s very arrogant to think that everybody in the world speaks English or should at least learn it.


In a lot of countries, people speak many different languages and English is not always one of them.


It’s not because most tourists speak it that the local people have to learn it.


Yes, it comes in very handy if they do and it’s a lot less effort for us, travelers, when we can speak with someone who knows our language.


But don’t we want to have a real cultural experience? And isn’t a foreign language part of that foreign culture?


When someone speaks in their native language, they are their true, natural self with all the typical gestures and manners that are part of that language.


I started picking up a few typical Turkish mannerisms while talking, such as making a ‘tss’ sound with my tong when saying no or going up an octave to express a certain word.


It made me feel closer to the culture and even became a part of it.


I left my home country to indulge myself in new cultures, broaden my horizons and expand my consciousness.


Becoming a Turkish version, a French version, a Greek version, an Irish version or even an Australian version of myself is part of this enriching process.


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Not sure what version this is …


5. Learning a language opens doors


People love it when they hear you’re trying to speak their native tongue.


They react with amazement, give you a big smile and start asking a lot of questions. They want to know who you are, where you’re from, where you’ve learned their language,…


They don’t label you as ‘just another ignorant tourist’ but are genuinely interested in you.


They are happy that a foreigner puts effort into learning their language and they respect you for that.


Doors that otherwise would remain closed are being opened.


We’ve been countless times invited for a drink, a meal or a sleeping place. People quickly open up to us to tell us more about their daily life.


This has been very enriching and taught us more about the country than if we would just visit its historical and tourist sites.


Recently we even got invited by the Turkish traffic police to have tea with them! They approached us while we were hitchhiking.


When they heard we could speak Turkish, they were very surprised and wanted to know more about us.


After talking for about five minutes, they invited us to have tea in the police station so we could tell them more about our hitchhiking journey.


Very soon we were surrounded by their colleagues who also wanted to hear our stories of how we hitchhiked from Ireland to Turkey and what our next plans were.


There we were, drinking tea and entertaining a whole police corps with our stories while they were all listening very attentively.



7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
We also got invited by the workers of a Coca-Cola company to share lunch with them so they could listen to our stories


6. Avoid uncomfortable situations


Have you ever been in a situation during your travels that felt very uncomfortable because you just had no clue what was going on or what the people wanted from you because you didn’t understand what they were saying and their intentions were unclear?


We’ve been in a few situations like this.


When we were in Albania hitchhiking on the side of a little dirt road, we caught the attention of a few farmers.


They walked towards us and started asking questions. We didn’t speak a word of Albanian and they didn’t speak any English.


They were pointing at us and at our bags and we had no idea what they were trying to say.


They were making gestures at us to follow them but we didn’t feel comfortable with that so we stayed where we were. So did they.


At some point, we had a whole audience of farmers and a cow staring at us while we were trying to hitchhike. It was an awkward moment.


After a while, a man who could speak Italian showed up. That’s when we finally discovered the intentions of the farmers. They wanted to invite us for a cup of tea.


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Thanks to the man on the right we had a tea with Albanian farmers



Just a few days ago we had another weird situation. We were driving over a mountain pass when our driver stopped the car and pulled out his gun. What would you do?


Your first impulse would be to get out of that car and run, right? We already knew our driver a little bit because we had talked with him in Turkish and we knew he didn’t have bad intentions.


Still, that first moment we weren’t sure how to react.


Our driver saw our surprised faces, started laughing and explained – in Turkish – that it was his hunting gun and that he only wanted to show us how to shoot with it.


So Niko and I got out of the car and watched our driver’s demonstration. Then he handed over his gun to us so we could practice our shooting.


I couldn’t help but laugh with the whole situation. If we hadn’t been able to speak a common language with this man, this could have turned out to be very awkward!


Although, shooting blanks on the side of a highway is already a little awkward


7 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language today
Niko practicing his shooting skills



Speaking Turkish also saved us from losing one of our cameras.


During one of our rides, Niko left his GoPro in the passenger seat. He realized the camera was missing after the car had left.


Niko remembered that the driver told him he would return in about half an hour.


That gave us a little spark of hope that the GoPro wouldn’t be lost forever.


Instead of continuing our journey, we sat down and waited. And indeed, about 40 minutes later we saw the car coming back!


We could see the driver waving the camera. What a relief! Every time we get out of a car now, I’m asking Niko three times if he has all his things with him.


It probably annoys him but I don’t want to take any chances.


Although I have to admit, if Niko hadn’t been able to understand our driver, we would have continued hitchhiking and never got the camera back.


So yes, it’s definitely beneficial to speak a foreign language!


7. You’ll connect with the people


It is possible to connect with somebody without speaking a common tongue.


Sometimes there are no words needed to understand each other.


But such a connection isn’t likely to happen on a daily basis.


It’s so much easier when you can speak with other people, ask them about their life, their dreams, their sorrows.


When Niko and I were invited by an Albanian family we were lucky that the husband spoke Italian and that we could talk with him.


We learned a lot about his background, how he met his wife and his present circumstances.


But when he left for work at night and we stayed in his house in the company of his wife and cousin, Niko and I had a hard time communicating with them.


We had many questions and so did they but were unable to ask them.


Instead, there were a lot of awkward silences, silly drawings and we felt frustrated not being able to have a simple conversation.


It’s a pity because I really wanted to know the woman better. I felt I missed a chance of learning more about the status and life of a woman in Albania.


7 Reasons why you should learn a new language today
Nothing is more rewarding than connecting with people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds!



There are roughly 6500 spoken languages in the world so it would be impossible to learn all of them (sorry Niko, let’s keep your goal at 20, shall we?).


It would also be impossible to learn the language of every country we’ll visit during our world trip.


But one thing we always try to do is to learn the basics of the languages.


This already makes a big difference while hitchhiking and meeting many local people. We try to get our hands on a phrasebook or write down a list of important phrases that we learn through the internet or from local people.


[kt_box opacity=”1″ background=”#eded7d”]


How to learn a new language while traveling



What are those basics?


We like to be able to greet someone, introduce ourselves (name, age, country and what we are doing), ask the people about their family (are they married, do they have kids, what about brothers or sisters), know how to ask for directions, order food and know the numbers.


If we know that we’ll spend a few months in a country, we put effort into learning the language.


Even if we sound like Tarzan, speaking a little of the native language brings many benefits.


It broadens our world, it opens many doors, it keeps our brain sharp and it definitely enriches our personal development!


How do you feel about learning a foreign language? And have you ever been in a situation where you really wished you spoke the local language? We would love to know your thoughts and experiences!


In this Vlog, we show you how useful it is to speak Turkish. Remember the story of the missing camera and the gun? You can watch it here:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U26kKQHIvPU”]



17 thoughts on “7 Reasons why learning languages is important”

  1. Great post! I have the goal of committing to learning Spanish again, and you mentioning just an hour a day is really very helpful. Honestly, it’s going to have to wait until I get a couple other things done, but you’ve given me hope!

    1. Journal of Nomads

      It’s sometimes indeed hard to make some time free to study but what we do to learn a language is getting audio material, like the Pimsleur audio lessons. They have a great series for Spanish and we listen to it while hitchhiking and waiting for a car to stop or in more daily life situations while cooking, doing dishes, going for a run. They are half an hour long, enough to keep a steady rhythm to study and you don’t have to make any extra time free!

  2. If you know the local language of the place you are visiting, doors open effortlessly as you are able to connect with the people, this is a great help, especially for travelers. Even if one is not fluent, the ability to communicate to a basic degree is indeed a great help.

    1. Journal of Nomads

      That is indeed so! People are very happy you’re doing your best, even if you make mistakes. And it’s the best way to learn!

  3. Kids Travel Books

    I’m a huge believer in learning languages. I am not fluent in any languages, but in college I did study German (extensively), Italian (extensively), Japanese (extensively), Mandarin, and Latin. I think everyone should take latin. My mom is from the Philippines and though I don’t speak her native language, I can understand a lot. My kids were born in Germany and went to German school until we moved to the U.S. (so until they were 2/4). They were bilingual with a stronger grasp of German, but they’re losing the German. On my best days I have the discipline to speak and play in Germany. They also go to a language school once a week. They’re only 3 and 5 now, but the initial language loss they had when we first moved here has shifted and they’re going back to speaking German for some reason. And they’re so interested in learning other languages because they hate not understanding people.

    1. Journal of Nomads

      Waw Ann, the languages you studied in college are very interesting! I, Cynthia, studied Latin for two years and it’s indeed the ‘mother’ of a lot of languages! I use to study German in school but I forgot a lot by not maintaining it. It’s really great to hear that your children are so interested in learning languages!

  4. I completely agree about trying to speak the language and it opening doors. I found in France that when I would speak French, despite my inability to conjugate, people smiled at me, were more patient, and ready to speak with me freely… and then practice their own English skills on me. And I love that Niko is mastering Turkish. Such a cool language!

    1. Journal of Nomads

      People love it when you try to speak their language, even if you make mistakes. And yes, the moment they hear you speak English, they want to practice it with you 🙂 We have that often too in Turkey 🙂 What is it that makes you like the Turkish language? We ask because we don’t hear people mentioning this often, they chose more the French or Spanish language as their favourite.

  5. You may have given me just the push I needed to get back on the learning Spanish bandwagon and actually follow through with it. Thanks for all the reasons you have listed as well as the benefits and saving graces. 😉

  6. Stephanie Langlet

    Sure it helps, but for Mandarin… When I was in a remote part of Gansu (Ancient Tibetan province of Amdo), I asked the driver for “xuxu” when he gave me my backpack. Though I used the right word and accent, he didn’t understand as he was sure I couldn’t speak Mandarin (I only know a few words). I had to show him the position for xuxu 😀 He laughs and shows me the toilets. In Shenzen, I had exactly the same problem when I was waiting for the passport checking and I really needed the policeman to understand as it was a very long bus drive. Each time, they laugh when they finally understand, and I also.

    1. Journal of Nomads

      Hahaha, that must have been very funny situation with the driver!! 😀 Mandarin is super hard to learn! We both just started with it (for our upcoming trip to China). Not only are the words difficult to remember but it’s all about the right intonation! We’ll probably end up in similar situations like you 😀

      1. Stephanie Langlet

        Yes, especially in the middle of the road when everyone looks at you, trying to understand what you mean 😀 There was a French girl married with a Chinese guy who had a blog about her life in China. Although she was graduated in Mandarin, she said she often encounter such situations. People couldn’t imagine a blond foreigner was talking Mandarin!
        I was less courageous than you: I couldn’t deal with these 5 tones and stopped learning Mandarin.

  7. aCajuninCali blog

    I was just talking to a coworker about this today and saying how I need to practice my French. These are all really excellent reasons to learn a new language. Great post!

    1. Journal of Nomads

      Thank you Carlie! Practicing on a regular basis is very important to get better in a language. Have you been studying French for a while? There are some great (and free) websites where you can practice it wherever and whenever you like 🙂

  8. I love the idea of learning new languages, but in practice, I kind of suck at it. I grew up learning French, but I have a really hard time hanging on to languages if I don’t practice them regularly.

    1. Journal of Nomads

      I, Cynthia, know exactly what you mean 🙂 It’s very important to keep practicing otherwise you’ll forget. I have the same with German. I use to study it in school but haven’t maintained it. But… the good news is, when you get back into it, you would be surprised how quickly you remember words again! 🙂

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