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15 Things to do in Tashkent in One Day – A City Guide to Uzbekistan’s Capital


Tashkent will be very likely the first city you’ll arrive in when you travel to Uzbekistan. What are the best places to visit in Tashkent?

Read this travel guide to have a wonderful city trip to Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s beautiful capital city!


Tashkent Travel Guide - What to see in Tashkent Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan’s modern capital Tashkent lives a bit in the shadows of the more attractive-looking Silk Road cities SamarkandBukhara and Khiva


It’s a shame because Tashkent is a really nice destination to visit and spend some time if you know where to go.


Barak Khan Madrasah - Hazrat Imam Complex - Tashkent places to visit- Uzbekistan - Journal of Nomads

Hazrat Imam Complex 


The city can be seen as an introduction to the stunning Islamic architecture – probably the reason why you’re going to travel to Uzbekistan – as it has some beautiful historical sites. 


Tashkent historical sites


It’s also a very modern city with many parks and fountains, beautiful statues, nice cafes, and great restaurants.


How to get from Almaty to Tashkent - Journal of Nomads


Tashkent is a fantastic base from which to explore the rest of Uzbekistan.  It’s very easy to take buses or trains from Tashkent to all the other interesting destinations around the country.


You’ll very likely begin and end your trip to Uzbekistan here as it’s home to the country’s international airport. If you prefer to travel overland, it’s also very straightforward to travel from Almaty (Kazakhstan) or Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to Tashkent by bus or train. 


It’ll also be a nice place to hang out in at the end of your travels in Uzbekistan because trust me, after spending days and/or weeks of staring intensely at radiant colors and interlaced patterns of architectural masterpieces, you’ll be feeling a little “tiled-out”!


What to see in Tashkent Uzbekistan



Tashkent Travel – Things you need to know before you go


Tashkent is the economic and cultural center of Uzbekistan and one of the wealthiest cities in Central Asia. It used to be the most populated city of ex-Soviet Central Asia and the 4th largest city of the Soviet Union. 


It’s very easy and cheap to get around Tashkent if you take the metro. It only costs $0.15, there are metro stations near all the must-see places to visit in Tashkent and one of the top things to do in Tashkent is riding it’s metro as the city has some of the most beautiful metro stations in the world! 


Taking the metro in Tashkent - Journal of Nomads


Tashkent is also a very clean and green city filled with Soviet, Islamic and modern-day architecture. It’s really not as conservative as you might think and I was even surprised to see young women walking around in cute little dresses.


This doesn’t mean you can start wearing tank tops and shorts that barely cover your bum but you also don’t need to cover yourself completely. 


How to dress in Tashkent Uzbekistan


Tashkent has many banks where you exchange your money to Uzbekistani Som (UZS). There are also ATMs in the city but they’re often empty or don’t function properly yet so definitely bring cash with you!


The best time to visit Tashkent (and Uzbekistan) is during spring (April – May) and fall (October – November). The weather during those seasons is very pleasant and the temperatures are usually around 20°C (68°F). 


Summers in Tashkent (July-August) are dry and hot with average temperatures of 35°C (95°F). Once the sun has set though, it’s nice to walk around the parks and boulevards as this is the time when the city and its inhabitants come to life. 


Winter in Tashkent can also be a nice time if you want to see the city covered in snow. The average temperature during the winter is usually around 5°C (41°F).


Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan - Journal of Nomads


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For more practical information about traveling to Tashkent and Uzbekistan,

read our Everything you need to know about traveling independently to Uzbekistan.



Is Tashkent safe for tourists?


The capital of Uzbekistan is very safe for travelers and it even became safer now that the government introduced a ‘tourist police’. You’ll find their boots in every touristic city in Uzbekistan.


Is it safe to travel to Uzbekistan - Tourist Police Uzbekistan - Journal of Nomads


So in case you’d ever feel uncomfortable or in danger – which I highly doubt – just go to one of those touristic police stands and they will help you.


When I traveled for the first time to Tashkent in 2017, I was a bit worried about my safety. 


I was a woman traveling alone, I didn’t know many people who had been there before, and the country was a bit of a mystery to me.


Solo female travel Uzbekistan - traveling as a woman alone in Uzbekistan

Traveling by myself in Tashkent in 2017


Whether you’re a solo traveler or not, you shouldn’t worry too much about your safety in Uzbekistan and in Tashkent.


The Uzbeks are very friendly and have no bad intentions whatsoever. If they see you’re lost or you’re in need of help, they’ll kindly approach you and offer you their help.


When I traveled for the second time to Tashkent with my boyfriend Niko, we had a bit of an awkward situation in the metro.


A group of young guys surrounded us and our first instinct was to walk away as we thought they might want to rob us. But they were students and just wanted to have a chat so they could practice their English with us!


There might be cases of petty crime such as pickpockets, especially in crowded places and in the bazaars of Tashkent, but they don’t happen often. Just always keep your valuables in a safe place, no matter where you are in the world.


Is it safe in Tashkent for tourists - Tashkent Travel Guide - Journal of Nomads


What we recommend to avoid being pickpocketed is to always keep your wallet in your front pocket or carry a money belt. Another great option is to travel with a slash-resistant and lockable anti-theft bag. I would also recommend getting good travel insurance that covers theft.


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If you’re still a bit worried about your safety, read:

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15 Places to visit and top things to do in Tashkent in one day


While Tashkent is a nice place to relax and do some sightseeing for a couple of days, you might not have much time on your trip around the country.


That’s why I made a one-day itinerary so that even if you only have one day to spare in Uzbekistan’s capital city, you won’t miss out on the highlights and main tourist attractions in Tashkent. 


Tashkent's famous Kukeldash madrasah - Uzbekistan

Kukeldash Madrasah


If you follow the map below, you won’t only have an enjoyable time but you’ll also find out what Tashkent is famous for!


The cheapest and most enjoyable way to get around Tashkent is on foot and by metro. Check out my guide to the stunning metro of Tashkent!


Tashkent Tourist Places – Map

I marked the places and attractions on the map below. You can open this map on your phone and also quickly find your way to and from the nearest metro stations.



1. See the world’s oldest Koran at the Hazrat Imam Complex

The Hazrat Imam Complex, also known as the Hast-Imam Ensemble or Khast Imam, is the religious heart of Tashkent. It’s the perfect place to start your Tashkent sightseeing trip.


While you walk around the complex, you’ll see some beautiful architectural monuments, such as the Barak Khan Madrasah, the Tilla Sheikh Mosque and the mausoleum of Saint Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi. 


Hazrat Imam Complex Tourist Places to visit Tashkent Uzbekistan

Tilla Sheikh Mosque


They are a nice introduction to the impressive Islamic architecture that you’ll find in other Uzbek cities like Bukhara. You can freely enter the courtyard of the Barak Khan Madrasah.


Barak Khan Madrasah - Hazrat Imam Complex - places to visit Tashkent- Uzbekistan - Journal of Nomads

Barak Khan Madrasah


Hazrat Imam is also home to the Muyi Mubarak Library, a library with oriental manuscripts and the Uthman Koran, which is claimed to be the world’s oldest Koran. The entrance fee to visit this library is 15000 UZS (around €1.50). 


Muyi Mubarak Library in Hazrat Imam Complex - Tashkent sightseeing - Journal of Nomads


How to get to Hazrat Imam Complex

Get out at the Gafur Gulom Metro Station. Follow Abdulla Qodiriy Street to the left and turn into Qorasaroy Street (see map).

The Hazrat Imam Complex is a 10-minute walk from the metro station and on your way there, you’ll get a glimpse of the old town of Tashkent. 


2. Shop at Chorsu Bazaar

The Chorsu Bazaar is Tashkent’s biggest market where locals can buy anything from raw food products, fresh fruits and veggies, honey and spices to clothing, jewelry, beauty products and more. You can just find everything here!


Chorsu Bazaar - places of interest in Tashkent


The central part of the bazaar is covered by an impressive blue dome but you’ll also find many outdoor food, textile and household stalls in the surrounding streets and alleys. It seems like this market just goes on forever!


Chorsu Bazaar Tashkent attractions Uzbekistan


Even if you don’t want to buy anything, the Chorsu Bazaar is an ideal place to do some people-watching and observe the cultural blend Tashkent is famous for. 


Shopping at Chorsu Bazaar, top things to do in Tashkent Uzbekistan


How to get to Chorsu Bazaar

The moment you walk out of Chorsu metro station, you’ll be in the midst of bread and cheap Chinese products stalls. You’ll also quickly see the blue dome.


If you’re coming from the Hazrat Imam Complex, walk back to Abdulla Qodiriy Street and go right at the intersection. Follow the road towards Zakaynar Street (see Tashkent Tourist Places map above).


It’s about 15 minutes walking from Hazrat Imam to the Chorsu Bazaar.


3. Visit the Kukeldash Madrasah and the Dzuma Mosque

The Kukeldash Madrasah is the largest madrasah and one of the most famous historical places in Tashkent.


While Kukeldash is not as impressive at the three madrasahs surrounding Registan Square in Samarkand, the building still is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture and worth a quick visit.


Tashkent's famous Kukeldash madrasah - Uzbekistan


Kukeldash was originally an educational institution (madrasah means ‘school’ or ‘college’ for Islamic education) but over the centuries the building has been used as a caravanserai for merchants, a fortress of the Kokand rulers and even as a place of execution.


The Madrasah survived several earthquakes and has repeatedly been repaired and restored. Today Kukeldash functions again as a spiritual institution.


You can enter the courtyard of the madrasah where you’ll find a small wood carving workshop. The entrance fee to the courtyard is 10000 UZS.


Kukeldash Madrasah - beautiful places Tashkent Uzbekistan


The Dzuma Mosque is right next to the Kukeldash Madrasah and worth a quick stop to admire the architecture.


Dzuma Mosque - Tashkent tourist places of interest


How to get to Kukeldash Madrasah and Dzuma Mosque

Kukeldash Madrasah and Dzuma Mosque are right outside the Chorsu Bazaar and the Chorsu Metro. Just walk between the outdoor stalls in the direction of Beruniy Street (see the Tashkent Tourist Places Map above). 


4. Admire the Minor Mosque

Minor Mosque is a striking new mosque in Tashkent. It was built in 2014 on the banks of the Ankhor Canal.


Locals call it the “Snow Mosque” because it’s completely made out of white marble. It’s particularly beautiful when the sunrays hit its walls, making the mosque sparkle and shine. 


How to get to Minor Mosque

Take the metro (at Chorsu metro station if you’re following this itinerary) and get out at Bodomzor Station. Walk along the Amir Temur Avenue until you reach the intersection with Kichik Halqa Ring Road.


Turn right and keep walking along Little Ring Road until you reach Minor Mosque. It’s about 15 minutes walking from Bodomzor metro station.


5. Climb the Tashkent TV Tower

The Tashkent Tower is with its 375 meters the 11th tallest tower in the world. You can take the elevator until the 6th floor and enjoy the panoramic views over the city from the observation deck.


There’s also a restaurant on the 7th floor where you can have a beer and/or enjoy a meal at a reasonable price. 


The entrance fee to go to the observation deck is 40000 UZS. You’ll also need your passport to go up the tower. The Tashkent Tower is open daily from 10 am until 8 pm. 

It could be a nice spot to return in the evening and see how the sun sets over the city’s skyline.


Tashkent TV Tower - Tashkent Travel Guide


How to get to Tashkent TV Tower

Get out at Bodomzor metro station and walk along Amir Timur Avenue into the direction of “Tashkent Land”. The Tashkent TV Tower is a 5-minute walk from the metro station.


6. Visit the Memorial to the Victims of Repression and the surrounding park

 I really enjoyed spending some time near the Memorial to the Victims of Repression and the park surrounding it.


Memorial to the Victims of Repression Tashkent Things to do


The memorial itself is a large gazebo-shaped structure with a blue dome.


Memorial to the Victims of Repression Tashkent Monuments


The museum of the Victims of Political Repression is also a beautiful building but the story behind it is a bit sad.


Museum of the Victims of Repression Tashkent Musea Uzbekistan


The museum is dedicated to the people who fought for the independence of Uzbekistan during the Soviet Union time and who were killed by the government. Inside you can find photographs, documents and personal belongings of those killed.


If this sounds a bit too heavy, you can just stroll around the complex and enjoy the peace and quiet of the park near the river bank.


What to see in Tashkent -Museum of the Victims of Repression Tashkent Uzbekistan Mus


How to get to the Memorial to the Victims of Repression

The museum and Memorial to the Victims of Repression are right across the Tashkent TV Tower. You just have to cross the Amir Timur Avenue to reach it.


7. Have lunch at the Central Asian Plov Center

Plov is the most famous Central Asian dish. This traditional Uzbek dish consists of rice fried with raisins, carrots, and spices with meat on top of it. It’s usually cooked in lamb fat and served with pieces of lamb meat. 


Where to eat in Tashkent - Plov Uzbekistan


You can find this dish anywhere in Uzbekistan and Central Asia but the Central Asian Plov Center claims to have the best Plov of the whole region.


What is really cool about the Plov Center is that you can see how the plov is made in huge pots that can serve hundreds of people!


Uzbekistan tradtional dish Plov - Central Asian Plov Center Tashkent


Eating plov at the Central Asian Plov Center is an activity that you really can’t skip while you’re in Tashkent!


For about 25000 UZS ($2.50) you get a big bowl of plov, freshly baked bread, pickled veggies, and lemon tea. The Plov center closes at 6 pm. 


How to get to the Central Asian Plov Center

The Central Asian Plov Center is located across the Memorial to the Victims of Repression and next to the Tashkent TV Tower. The nearest metro station is Bodomzor.


8. Ride the metro

Another top thing to do in Tashkent is to ride its metro. It’s the perfect activity to do in the early afternoon during the summer when it’s scorching hot outside as the metro has airconditioning. 


Things to do in Tashkent - taking the beautiful metros in Tashkent - Journal of Nomads


Tashkent has some of the most beautiful metro stations in the world! Visiting Tashkent’s subway was one of the most memorable highlights of my time in the city!


Most beautiful metro stations in Tashkent Uzbekistan - Alisher Navoi Metro Station - Journal of Nomads


Almost every metro station in Tashkent is fascinating. They all have their own unique architectural features and artistic elements.


Beautiful metro stations in Tashkent Uzbekistan - Bodomzor - Journal of Nomads


To know which metro stations to visit and how to find your way in Tashkent’s Underground, read my Comprehensive Guide to the stunning Tashkent metro.


9. Leaf through some books at the Book Bazaar 

If you love books and old magazines, you might enjoy this small Book Bazaar. 


We stayed in an Airbnb next to the park where this bazaar is located so we stumbled upon it by chance.


The Book Bazaar consists of little bookstalls lined up along a pedestrian street in a nice green park.


Tashkent Book Bazaar


Most books are only in Russian but it’s quite fun to leaf through the books and find some old-school English books as well.


At one side of the bookstalls, you’ll also find some souvenir stalls and people selling antique items. 


Things to do in Tashkent - Book Bazaar Tashkent


On the other side of the book bazaar, you’ll pass some ice-cream shops and little dining places selling Uzbek and western food. 


How to get to the Book Bazaar

Get out at the Kosmonavtlar metro station. This is a metro station you really can’t miss when visiting Tashkent! 


Kosmonavtlar Metro Station Tashkent Uzbekistan - Journal of Nomads

Kosmonavtlar Metro Station


Cross the intersection of Afrosiyob and Mirabad Street and walk towards the park. That’s where you’ll find the book bazaar. 


10. Learn about Uzbekistan’s history in the State Museum of History

If you want to learn a bit more about Uzbekistan’s history, then the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan is the place to be.


This museum has 2 floors with a range of exhibits showing the history of Uzbekistan over the past 2500 years. 


The entrance fee is 10000 UZS, 25000 UZS if you want to take photos (not really worth it in my opinion) and you can get an English speaking guide for 8000 UZS (this is worth it if you want to learn more).


The museum is open daily, except on Mondays, from 10 am until 6 pm. 


If you’re not really into musea, it’s worth passing there anyways as the architecture of the museum is quite interesting to see.


It’s built in the form of a cube, blending a Soviet approach with oriental decorative patterns. This Soviet – Modernism architecture can also be found back in other places in Central Asia. 


Soviet architecture Uzbekistan Tashkent State Museum of History of Uzbekistan


How to get to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

The nearest metro station is Mustakilik Maydoni, one of the most beautiful metro stations of Tashkent!


Safety in Metro Tashkent Uzbekistan - Mustaqillik Maydoni Station - Journal of Nomads

Mustakilik Maydoni station


If you’re following this itinerary, it’s a 7-minute walk from the Book Bazaar to the museum. You’ll pass the beautiful Alisher Navoi opera building on the way. 


Alisher Navoi Opera of Tashkent - Fun things to do in Tashkent

Alisher Navoi Opera 


If you want to see a performance in the opera building, you can check the program at the small ticket office outside the building. I didn’t go inside the opera building but I’ve heard it’s quite grandiose. 


11. Watch the stunning fountains and monuments at Independence Square

Independence Square, also known as Memorial Square, is a popular gathering place for the residents of Tashkent. It’s located right in the center of Tashkent. 


Victory park Tashkent - traveling from Almaty to Tashkent - Journal of Nomads


This square used to be known as Lenin Square during the Soviet Union but upon declaration of independence in 1991, it was re-named to Mustakillik Maydoni, which translates to Independence Square in English.


It’s used for large gatherings and performances on festive days, like Uzbekistan Independence Day (1st of September) and New Year (1st of January). 


Independence Square has some of the most beautiful fountains of the city and a number of significant monuments.


Independence Square Tashkent Uzbekistan


Among them 16 marble columns joined by a bridge and sculptures of storks on top of it that symbolize peace, the Independence Monument itself and a statue of a woman holding a baby, the symbol of Motherland. 


How to get to Independence Square:

Mustakillik Maydoni metro station is right at the Independence Square. It’s a stunning metro you definitely have to see!


If you’re coming from the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, just keep walking down the road. Independence Square is just a 5-minute walk from the museum.


12. Go for a stroll around Amir Timur Square

Amir Timur, also known as Tamerlane, is Uzbekistan’s national hero and the most famous Central Asian conqueror.


You’ll hear his name very often in Uzbekistan, especially in Samarkand as this city was the center of his Timurid Empire. 


from Almaty to Tashkent - statue of Timur - Journal of Nomads


The Amir Timur Square is a little park and ideal for an afternoon stroll or to take a break from all your sightseeing in Tashkent. 


The highlight of the square is the 7-meters high statue of Amir Timur on his horse, which is a popular spot for the locals to take photos and selfies. 


Amir Timur Square Tashkent places of interest


How to get to Amir Timur Square:

Get out at Amir Timur metro station. 


If you’re following this itinerary, you can make the pleasant 7-minute walk from Independence Square to Amir Timur square along Sailkogh Street (see #15 below). 


13. Have a beer at Hotel Uzbekistan

Hotel Uzbekistan is one of the most iconic sights of Tashkent. It’s a must-see place in Tashkent if you like Soviet architecture.


Hotel Uzbekistan Tashkent - Journal of Nomads


The inside of the hotel isn’t really spectacular but you can walk in and go to the bar on the 17th floor for a beer and a good view over the city. 


Hotel Uzbekistan View over Tashkent city

View over Amir Timur Square seen from the bar at Hotel Uzbekistan


How to get to Hotel Uzbekistan

Hotel Uzbekistan is behind the Amir Timur statue so get out at Amir Timur metro station. The hotel is so massive that you can’t miss it. 


14.  Visit Amir Timur Museum

As I’ve mentioned already above, Amir Timur is the national hero of Uzbekistan and this museum is dedicated to him.


Amir Timur Museum Tashkent Things to do


The architecture of the building is quite photogenic. The inside of the museum is also very beautiful with its golden-domed ceiling.


The entrance fee to visit the Amir Timur Museum is 16000 UZS (30000 UZS is you want to take photos).  You’ll find some paintings and belongings of Amir Timur, as well as a copy of the Qoran and small-scale models of the most important mosques of Uzbekistan.


The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am until 5 pm. It’s closed on Mondays.


Amir Temur Museum Tashkent what to see


How to get to Amir Timur Museum

The Amir Timur Museum is located next to the Amir Timur Square. Get out at Amir Timur metro station.


15. Enjoy the evening on Broadway Boulevard (Sailkogh Street)

Sailkogh Street is a pedestrian street that unites the two most important squares of Tashkent: Amir Timur Square and Independence Square. 


The street is known as Broadway Boulevard is a very popular place for the locals to enjoy time with their friends and families.


Sailkogh Street Broadway Boulevard Tashkent Uzbekistan


You can find all kinds of food, souvenir, and art stalls on this boulevard, along with street artists and carnival games for kids. 


Tashkent tourism places to visit Sailkogh Street Broadway Boulevard


It’s particularly nice to walk there during the early evening when Broadway Boulevard is illuminated by all kinds of lights. 


Tashkent at night Sailkogh Street Broadway Boulevard


How to get to Broadway Boulevard

You can get out at Amir Timur metro station and walk from the Amir Timur Square or museum to the boulevard.


You can also get out at Mustakillik Maydoni metro station and walk along Broadway Boulevard after you’ve visited Independence Square.


Broadway Boulevard Tashkent City Guide


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Where to eat in Tashkent


Tashkent is a big city so the restaurant options are practically endless. There’s a huge selection of delicious restaurants that can satisfy travelers with different budgets.


Whether you want a traditional restaurant where you can try some Uzbek Plov or you’re craving some western food, you’ll find plenty of savory options in Tashkent.


Here are the restaurants we suggest:


1. Central Asian Plov Center

This is the place you don’t want to miss in the capital of Uzbekistan. Eating at the Central Asian Plov Center is one of the top things to do while in Tashkent (see above). 


This restaurant is a bit outside of the city center but believe me, eating there is absolutely worth it! If you arrive there a bit before noon, you’ll witness hundreds of kilograms of rice being cooked right in front of you.


The ambiance of this place is fantastic. When you’ll walk in, you’ll see men stirring the rice in a giant pot. It’s mainly locals who eat there. This is great because the best way to capture the spirit of Tashkent is to eat where the locals do.


Where to eat in Tashkent Central Asian Plov Center


The plov served here is delicious and it only costs 25000 UZS (around $2.50) for a big bowl of plov. 


Here is where you’ll find the Central Asian Plov Center in Tashkent. The nearest metro station is Bodomzor. 



2. Sette Restaurant & Bar

If you fancy some savory Italian food during your trip to Tashkent, this is the place to eat it in Tashkent. If you spend a lot of time in Central Asia or in Uzbekistan, European food will be a welcome change.


This restaurant serves the finest Italian dishes, even surpassing the standards of some restaurants in Italy. They have a good variety of wood-fired oven pizzas, as well as a respectable selection of pasta.


Prices are high by Uzbek standards but way below what you would pay in the EU for this quality.


The Sette Restaurant and Bar is located on the seventh floor of the Hyatt hotel. Here is where you’ll find it:



3. Caravan

This restaurant has delicious traditional food, rustic decor, and live music. They have great manti ( Central Asian dumplings ), salads, and Uzbek wine.


Caravan has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


Here is where you’ll find this restaurant in Tashkent:



Shopping Tashkent Chorsu Bazaar

You can also buy food at Chorsu Bazaar


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Wondering how much it costs to travel in Uzbekistan?

Read Uzbekistan on a budget



Where to stay in Tashkent?


Tashkent offers a wide choice of hostels for budget travelers to top-end hotels for those who enjoy that extra bit of luxury. 


We also stayed a couple of times in an Airbnb in Tashkent.


1. Budget Hostels (less than $20)

This is our favorite hostel in Tashkent. It has everything you could need: A big kitchen with plenty of space to cook your meals, a big common area, plenty of showers, and very cozy and quiet rooms.


Staff at the Top Hostel is very friendly and helpful and they also speak English very well. 


The hostel is located outside the city center but it’s very close to Pushkin metro station from which you can easily take the metro and get around Tashkent. The bazaar and local market are just ten minutes away.


Click to check out rates and availability for “The Top Hostel”


This hostel will be ideal if you visit Tashkent during the summer as it has a lovely shaded pool to cool down. 


Art hostel feels more like a guesthouse than a hostel. The rooms are very spacious and clean.


There’s a big tasty breakfast served on location every morning. If you need the internet, this hostel also provides excellent wifi.


Click to check out rates and availability for “Art Hostel”


This hostel is the embodiment of the word luxurious! The interior is impeccably clean, the floor is covered in ceramic tiles and the walls are mahogany color.


If you want to spoil yourself without breaking your piggy bank, this is where you should stay. Have a look at these pictures to see how gorgeous the place is!


Click to check out rates and availability for “Homestay B&B Hostel”


2. Mid-range (between $20 and $50)

This 3-star guesthouse has a lovely garden, air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV, wi-fi and a private bathroom with bathtub.


It is run by a lovely family who’s making sure you start the day with a tasty and varied breakfast.  The Happy House Hotel is located near Buyuk Ipak Yo’li metro station. 


Click to check out rates and availability for “Happy House Hotel


3. Luxurious (+ $50)

If you like to splurge a bit, you can stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with its stunning rooms, indoor swimming pool and a restaurant on the 7th floor.

Click to check out rates and availability for “Hyatt Regency Hotel”


Another stunning luxurious hotel we’d recommend is the Ichan Qal’a Hotel. This hotel doesn’t only offer beautifully decorated rooms but also an indoor fitness center and swimming pool. 

Click to check out rates and availability for “Ichan Qal’a Hotel”


Where to stay in Tashkent


How to get to Tashkent?


Tashkent is very well connected by train with other Uzbek cities such as Bukhara, Khiva or Samarkand. It’s a city that is also very easy to reach from Almaty in Kazakhstan or from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.


1. How to get from Tashkent airport to the city center

It’s a 30-minute drive to get from the airport to the city center of Tashkent by taxi.


As soon as you exit the airport, you’ll be greeted by eager taxi drivers who are happy to bring you to the city center of Tashkent for 50.000 UZS.


This is the same rate as the “official” taxi office in the airport, which doesn’t make sense as the standard price for a taxi from the airport to the city center of Tashkent is between 20.000 and 25.000 UZS (around US$2 – US$3).


This means you’ll have to negotiate the price with the driver and you might not feel like playing the bargaining game after a long flight. So here’s a good tip.


When you exit the airport, ignore the taxi drivers who are standing at the gate. Walk to the left towards the parking lot across ‘Departures’. There you’ll find taxi drivers who just drove travelers from the city center to the airport.


They’ll be happy to quickly return to the city center and therefore are a lot easier to negotiate with. Offer the driver 20.000 UZS, max 25.000 UZS.


Show him the money and tell him to take it or leave it. He’ll probably try to ask for more but as soon as you start walking towards another taxi, he’ll very likely take it…


2. How to get to Tashkent from Almaty by public transport

It’s possible to travel from Almaty to Tashkent by bus and by train. Although the bus and train rides can take a long time (13 and 16 hours respectively), it’s a very relaxing journey.


It’s definitely a good option to travel this way if you’re on a budget and/or if you have plenty of time to spare.


Read our detailed guide about how to reach Tashkent from Almaty either by bus or by train. 


Bus station Tashkent - Journal of Nomads

Tashkent Bus Station


3. How to get to Tashkent from Bishkek by public transport?

There is now a bus line connecting Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan with Tashkent in Uzbekistan.


Traveling between the two cities by bus takes about 8 to 13 hours depending on how long it takes to cross the borders and this bus runs at night.


Read our detailed guide about how to get from Bishkek to Tashkent by bus. 


4. How to get to Tashkent from Bukhara by public transport?

Getting from Bukhara to the Uzbek capital is very easy. There is a high-speed train that connects the two cities as well as a standard train. It’s also possible to take a night train towards Tashkent. It leaves Bukhara at 10:30 PM and arrives in Tashkent around 6:30 AM.


Traveling between the two cities by bus is also super convenient.


  • Getting from Bukhara to Tashkent by train

Bukhara’s train station is about twenty minutes by taxi from the old town. It’s located in the newer part of Bukhara called Kogon.


You can reach it from the old city center by taxi for 20000 som. Taxi drivers tend to overcharge tourists but you shouldn’t pay more than this.


Here is where you’ll find the train station in Bukhara:



You’ll need your passport to buy a train ticket. The train station is usually very crowded with people so it’s preferable to arrive there early in the day.


It’s better to buy your ticket directly at the train station since buying it on the official Uzbek railway website doesn’t always work properly. You can still use this website to find what is the train schedule.


In Tashkent you will arrive at the Northern train station. It’s right next to a metro station so it’s easy to reach the city center from the station. You can also reach the city center of Tashkent from the station for 16000 som.


Train Station Tashkent Uzbekistan - Journal of Nomads

Tashkent Train Station


It’s possible to take a bus from Bukhara to Tashkent from the northern bus station on Gijduvon street, north of town.


This is where the station is located:



  • How to get from Bukhara to Tashkent by bus?

Reaching Tashkent from Bukhara by bus takes around 8 hours and costs 60000 som. You can buy your ticket directly at the bus station.


5. How to get to Tashkent from Khiva by public transport?


  • How to get from Khiva to Tashkent by train?

It’s possible to take trains from Khiva to Tashkent, however, there are no direct trains connecting the two cities during the day. You’ll need to take a connecting train in Bukhara if you travel during the day.


There is a direct night train connecting the two cities. It takes 16 hours to reach Tashkent.


You can check the time tables for the trains in Uzbekistan through the Uzbek Railways website and then buy your ticket directly at the station in Khiva.


Here is where the train station is located in Khiva:



Tashkent Travel - What to see in Tashkent Uzbekistan


We hope this guide was super useful and that you’ll have a great time in Tashkent. If you have any questions or if you’ve already been to Tashkent, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


Tashkent Travel Guide - 15 Top Things to do in Tashkent Uzbekistan


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