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How to renew your travel visa for Morocco


This article explains how and where you can renew your 90-day travel visa for Morocco.


Morocco is a beautiful country full of exotic places to see and things to do. When I traveled to this country, I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to stay there longer. But as a Canadian citizen, I was only allowed to remain in the country for 90 days upon entry. Holders of a UK, EU, US, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand passports and citizens of following countries can enter Morocco visa-free and are allowed to stay there for up to 90 days.


However, three months just didn’t satisfy me as I felt there was still so much more to see and do, so I looked online and made tons of research to find out if it was possible to extend my travel visa for Morocco.


After finding a lot of contradictory information online, I started asking expats who had been living in Morocco for years how they were able to renew their visa for so long. They told me that it’s possible to extend your stay in Morocco by leaving the country for a few days and coming back thus getting a brand new 90 days in the country. Border runs to renew your 90-day visa in Morocco are not officially permitted, but it is certainly not frowned upon and until this day people do this without any problem.


In this article, I’ll explain how and where to cross the border to renew your 90-day tourist visa for Morocco.
There are to my knowledge three different and easy ways to leave Morocco to extend your visa. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


How to renew your travel visa for Morocco - Chefchaouen - Journal of Nomads

Chilling out in Chefchaouen, the ‘Blue City’ of Morocco



1) Take a ferry to Spain to renew your travel visa for Morocco


Taking a ferry to Spain to renew your tourist visa for Morocco is the first an most obvious option if you are in the north of the country. It would be possible to take a ferry to France and Italy as well, but the proximity of Spain means you won’t have to go too far and spend days and days at sea simply to renew your visa.


The Tangier to Tarifa ferry route currently connects Spain with Morocco and is operated by 2 different ferry companies: The FRS service and the Inter Shipping service.

The FRS service runs up to 8 times per day with a sailing duration of around 1 hour while the Inter Shipping service runs up to 6 times per day with a sailing duration of 2 hours.


Back in 2014, I had no problems leaving Tangier early in the morning and coming back on the same day to get a new Moroccan stamp in my passport. Nowadays, however, it looks like it would be better to stay out of the country for a few days before returning.  According to some online forums, the border officials seem to be cracking down on people who leave the country for 24 hours and then re-enter again.


How to renew your travel visa for Morocco - ferry Tangier (Morocco) - Tarifa (Spain) - Journal of Nomads

The port of Tangier. Here you can take a daily ferry to Tarifa in Spain.




2) Cross the border in Ceuta or Melilla


Ceuta and Melilla are two cities within the Moroccan territory that belongs to Spain. It is possible to cross the border to these two cities to extend your visa for Morocco. However, I wouldn’t totally recommend it for various reasons.


First of all, there is a constant influx of people trying to enter the two Spanish enclaves illegally. This means that the whole area surrounding the border itself can be quite chaotic and is often very busy. There are also reports of pickpockets preying on unwary travelers around these two borders, making the crossing a bit of a stressful experience.


Once you’re in Spanish territory, meaning in the cities Ceuta and Melilla, Moroccan authorities may also insist that you stay out of the country for more than a couple of days, possibly a week or more, and the prices in these two cities are very expensive compared to Morocco, so be prepared to dig into your travel budget.


How to renew your travel visa for Morocco - cross the border to ceuta or melilla - Journal of Nomads




3) Fly out of Morocco for a quick getaway


If you have the time and a good budget, why not fly to a nearby destination in Europe such as Portugal or Spain? You could stay there for one week, return all refreshed and you’d have added a new destination to your inventory.


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I renewed my visa 3 times within one year by taking the ferry to Spain twice and crossing the border in Ceuta once. Even though it’s not officially permitted, I never had any problems and the border officials never made a comment about it. I know some people who have already been a couple of years in Morocco by renewing their tourist visa every 3 months. So if you want to stay longer than just 90 days in Morocco, this is the way to easily renew your travel visa!


How to renew your travel visa for Morocco -Journal of Nomads


I hope this article was useful and that you will enjoy discovering and rediscovering Morocco. Have you ever tried renewing your 90-day visa for Morocco? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.



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