Top Things to Do in Agadir - Our Guide to the Surfing city

Top Things to Do in Agadir – Our Guide to the Surfing city


If you want to get a taste of things to do in Agadir, this article is for you. Here you’ll find what are the best activities to do in Agadir as well as where to eat in Agadir and you’ll also discover some of the best day trips from Agadir.


Agadir is a super modern coastal town in the southern part of Morocco. It’s an easily accessible and affordable destination if you’re planning to use it as a base for a surf trip in Morocco. The city has an airport connecting it with all the other major Moroccan cities and it’s easy to get there from Casablanca or Marrakech.


It’s a city that was partially destroyed in the sixties due to a massive earthquake but it was quickly rebuilt and improved and it now attracts people from all over the world.


There are tons of fun things to do in Agadir. The city has tons of gorgeous beaches nearby, a vibrant night-life, interesting museums, and a zoo.


In this guide, you’ll find what are my top ten recommendations of activities to do in Agadir.



Where is Agadir?


Agadir is a modern coastal city in the Southern part of Morocco. It’s located just north of the point where the Souss River flows into the ocean.


The city is 509 km south of Casablanca, 175 km from Essaouira, and 258 km from Marrakech. The majority of its inhabitants speak the Amazigh language, one of the two official languages of Morocco.




A few tips and recommendations before visiting Agadir


Before visiting Agadir, I would suggest learning a few words of Moroccan Arabic or French. Most Shop owners and taxi drivers in Agadir only speak these two languages while the younger generation is starting to learn English.


Learning a few words of Moroccan Arabic will help you during your visit.


I highly recommend getting your hands on the Lonely Planet Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook. It is packed with all the essential words and phrases you will need on your trip to Morocco and will help you in every situation — from finding a hotel room to ordering tajine or joining the local festivities this book will cover almost every situation you could imagine.



I would also recommend getting a map software on your phone that works offline. Google Maps and have helped us navigate the streets of Agadir and many other Moroccan cities.


One of the cool features of these map apps is that they can be used both online and offline. Connect to the wifi at your hostel and download a map of the part Agadir you wish to explore.

These maps work with the GPS chip in your phone so it will continue working, even when you’re offline.


visiting Agadir in Morocco - Things you need to know

You’ll see some stunning sunsets in Agadir…


And finally, I highly recommend getting a Lifestraw Water Filter Bottle. Although the tap water in Agadir is not dangerous, it may contain many new bacteria that your body just isn’t used to.


If you drink water using this bottle, any dirt, bacteria or parasites gets trapped in its filter, while the clean water passes through.




Arriving at Agadir airport and reaching Agadir airport from the city center


The distance between the airport of Agadir (Agadir Al Massira Airport) to the city kilometer is just 25 km. You can get from the airport to the city center by bus, train, shared taxi, or a rental car.


By car

You’ll find a few agencies renting cars directly on the airport parking lot. The airport is about 25 km outside of Agadir, if you have your own car or if you are renting one, this is the road you’ll need to follow to get to the city center:



By taxi

There are taxis at the airport that can bring you directly to the city center. They have a fixed price of 200 MAD to bring you downtown from the airport.


By bus

You can also get from the airport to the city center by bus. The bus number 22 goes from the airport to Inezgane, a small suburb of Agadir. From there you can catch bus 20, 24 or 28 to reach the city center of Agadir.


The last bus from the airport leaves at 20:30.



Is Agadir Safe?


Morocco is generally considered a safe destination and Agadir is one of the safest and most modern cities in the Kingdom.


In Agadir, you’ll notice police walking throughout the touristic areas and around the Royal Palaces. There is also a special touristic police unit wearing civilian clothes who work to keep you safe.


You’ll see plenty of families and children in the streets of Agadir.


safety in Agadir - Is Agadir Morocco safe?

You’ll see families and people of all ages in the streets of Agadir…


Petty crime is not a major concern in Agadir but it still occurs. It’s important to be aware at all times and keep your eyes on your belongings.


Don’t carry around large amounts of money, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry. It’s always better to keep a low profile.


The best solution to avoid being pick-pocketed is to stay aware of your belongings and surroundings at all times. You should leave all your important items at your hotel and walk around only with what you need.


I suggest always keeping your wallet in your front pocket or carry a money belt. Another great option is to travel with a slash-resistant and lockable anti-theft bag. I would also recommend getting good travel insurance that covers theft.



10 Things to do in Agadir


If you’re looking for a list of the best activities to do in Agadir, look no further, here are 10 things you should do while in Agadir:


1. Spend the day surfing in Agadir

If you’re looking for things that you should absolutely do in Agadir, surfing should be at the top of your list.


Agadir is a great destination for surfers of all levels. There are some great beaches near the city and they’re all easily accessed by public transport.


Some of my favorite surfing beaches near Agadir are in Tamraght and Aourir.


wearing a wet suit in Morocco

Agadir has some amazing beaches perfect for surfers of all levels…


These towns are perfect for new surfers that want to surf smaller waves.


I would suggest that less experienced surfers try the waves in the area known as banana beach. It’s a long right-hand point break that curves in the shape of a banana.


You can rent a car and drive along the beautiful coastline to get there from Agadir, catch a taxi (about 800-1200 MAD from Agadir), or ride the Souk to Surf shuttle bus.


The Souk to shuttle bus runs to Tamraght from Agadir on a daily basis. It costs around 80 MAD per person.


surfers in Morocco


2. Spend an afternoon in the shade of trees at Agadir Birds Valley

Another item you should add on your list of fun activities to do in Agadir is a visit to Agadir Birds Valley. This is a cute little park and zoo in the center of the city.


It’s a fun activity to do in the middle of the day if you want to escape the heat as the park is well shaded and cool even during summer.


You’ll see a stunning variety of birds in this park. You’ll be surrounded by parrots, flamingos, swans, and peacocks. There are also other animals who live there such as lambs, deers, and turtles.


Best things to do in Agadir - Bird Valley - Agadir Morocco

You’ll see stunning birds in this park…


It’s a great place to visit for a picnic in the early afternoon when the day is at its warmest. You can eat in the shade of trees in front of a few ponds while listening to the sound of birds and a small waterfall.


The best part is that this zoo is free to visit and can easily be accessed from anywhere in the city!


This is where you can find this beautiful little park in Agadir:



3. Observe crocodiles at Agadir Crocodile park

If you want a surreal and fascinating experience while visiting Agadir, make sure you pass by crocodile park. This beautiful reserve is a paradise for crocodiles.


The park was originally created as part of a conservation project to protect Nile crocodiles. It has been a massive success and is now home to several generations of crocs.


observing crocodiles in Agadir Morocco


The park is also a beautiful botanical park where you can admire more than 300 species and varieties of plants.


Have a look at the park’s website for information on admission price and opening hours.


This is where you’ll find Agadir’s crocodile park:


4. Go for a stroll in The Souk El Had d’Agadir

There is nothing quite like walking around the public markets to immediately feel immersed in the new culture you’re discovering. Souks and open-air markets can tell you so many things about the Moroccan culture.


From the way people dress to how they talk and bargain prices, a market is often the best place to discover all of these small cultural nuances.


Souk El Had in Agadir is a great market to get your dose of Moroccan culture. When I was living in the coastal city, I would always start my day with a visit to this market.


This is where you’ll find Souk El Had:



best places to visit in Agadir


5. Go for a hike up to the old Kasbah

The old mud Kasbah overlooking the city from the top of a nearby hill offers superb views. It’s the best place to visit if you want an idea of how big the city is or if you just want a taste of the past.


This Kasbah is one of the few architectural structures that was left after an earthquake destroyed the city in the sixties. It used to house 300 people but now all that remains are the outer walls of the fortress.


This walled city was built in 1572 by the Moroccan King Moulay Abdallah el-Ghalib, to protect the people living on the coast from possible Portuguese invasions.


What to see in Agadir - Is Agadir worth visiting?

If you walk up to the Kasbah, you’ll have a beautiful panoramic view on Agadir…


The walk from the city center to the top of the hill is quite long and strenuous. It’s better to take a taxi up for 30 MAD and then walk back towards the city.


If you do feel like walking there, however, this is where you’ll find the old Kasbah:



6. Go on a day trip from Agadir

There are tons of fun activities to do in Agadir itself but the nature that surrounds the city is also worth exploring. If you’re wondering what are the best day trips from Agadir, here are a few places I would strongly recommend visiting:


6.1 Paradise Valley

If you spend enough time in Morocco, it won’t take long before you start hearing stories of a gorgeous mountain valley filled with palm trees, rivers, pools and stunning waterfalls in the south of the country.


This hidden valley is often called Agadir Paradise Valley or simply Paradise Valley. It’s a section of the Tamraght River valley in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains.


Paradise Valley is located just 58 km from Agadir and getting there is very easy. In How to visit Paradise Valley Agadir I explain how to get there independently from Agadir or with a tour group.


Paradise valley Morocco

Paradise valley is one of the best day trips from Agadir…


6.2 Souss Massa National Park

Souss Massa is an impressive natural park located South of Agadir. It was created in 1991 to preserve the wetlands of the region and the fauna that inhabits them.


The park consists of 33 000 hectares of wetland, marshes, swamps, and white sand dunes. It’s one of the few places in Morocco where it’s possible to see the northern bald Ibis.

There are also many other exotic birds that come to breed in this park.


The only way to visit the natural reserve is with a guide.


6.3 Taghazout

Taghazout is a cool surfing town where surfers from all over the world come to enjoy the winter waves.
It’s sometimes quoted as one of the best winter surfing destinations in Morocco.


The water temperature rarely drops below 16C in winter and the air temperature hovers around 18-20 C even in January.


Read surfing in Morocco to find out how you can surf in Taghazout.


What are the best day trips from Agadir?


7. Discover La Medina d’Agadir

A few miles away from the city center is where you’ll find a huge recreation of what Agadir was like before it was ravaged by an earthquake.


This medina is a wonderful hidden treasure just outside of Agadir. Walking between the replicas of old columns and walls feels like taking a trip into the past.


If you go there early in the morning, you’ll find the place to be surprisingly not crowded.


The entrance costs 40 MAD but includes a free drink in one of the cafes you’ll find on location.


You can negotiate with taxi drivers and get a ride there and back to Agadir for 100 MAD. In the event you have your own car or you are renting one, this is where you’ll find this gorgeous open-air museum:



8. See stunning mosques and museum

The central part of Agadir has some beautiful monuments and museums. If you want a small break from surfing and bathe in culture instead of in the sea, start your visit of the city center with a stroll around the Grand Mosque.


This mosque is really big and has a very modern design that contrasts with the architecture of other mosques around the country.


Here is where you can admire its minaret:



If you would prefer to visit museums, I would recommend to first pass by the Amazigh museum. It has some of the most interesting displays of Amazigh culture and artifacts you’ll find around the country.


The exhibit showcases traditional Amazigh rugs and carpets as well as some jewelry and musical instruments.


This is where you can visit this interesting museum in Agadir:



To learn more about the earthquake that struck Agadir in the sixties and how it tragically altered the lives of its people, pass by the Agadir Memorial Museum.


This museum is a memorial and testimony to the tragic event that affected the city.


It holds a fascinating collection of black and white photos that depict what Agadir looked like before the Earthquake in the 1920’s.


Here is where you can visit the Agadir Memorial Museum:



monuments and buildings to see in Agadir

The mosque in Agadir has a very unique architectural style…


9. Walk along Agadir’s sea-front boulevard

For a lovely walk near the beach, take a stroll on Agadir’s sea-front boulevard.


There are many quirky restaurants and cafes along the boulevard and they are the perfect place to enjoy a Moroccan tea while listening to the sound of the waves.


You can also rent a long chair or lay on your towel on the beach to sunbathe.


10. Take a ride on the Ferris Wheel

If you want an interesting view of the sea and the city, make sure to go for a ride on Agadir’s Ferris Wheel.


It’s possible to ride this Ferris wheel during the day and at night and this offers two completely different perspectives on Agadir.

If you’re traveling with kids, there is also a lovely playground nearby where they can enjoy themselves.


This is where the Ferris Wheel is located:




Top things to do while in Agadir - take a ride on Agadir Ferris Wheel - Agadir Morocco



Where to stay in Agadir


Agadir is a city that is worth taking the time to discover, so you will want to stay there at least a night or two.


The city offers a wide choice of hostels for budget travelers who want to save money to explore during the day and swap stories with fellow backpackers in the shared kitchen or bar in the evening.


There are also plenty of beautiful mid-range guesthouses on Airbnb where you could stay (if you use this link to sign up with Airbnb, you get a 30% discount on your first booking!).


Best budget hostels to stay in Agadir


Here are two hostels you should absolutely check out while in Agadir:


Tamraght Surf Hostel

This is a vibrant yet peaceful hostel located within walking distance from the beach. The rooms are full of light and spacious. Tamraght Surf hostel is a great place to meet other travelers and get some surfing lessons.

A delicious breakfast is served every morning on the hostel’s terrace.


Click to check out rates and availability for “Tamraght Surf Hostel”


Moroccan Surf Journey

Moroccan Surf Journey is not exactly in Agadir but it’s very close to the city. It’s located near Banana point, one of the best surfing beaches near Agadir. You’ll get a great view of the ocean from the hostel and the nearest beach is just 10 minutes away.

The owner Ismail can arrange an airport transfer for you and advise on surfing conditions, yoga retreats and anything you would need to know about Agadir.


Click to check out rates and availability for “Moroccan Surf Journey”


Best hotels and apartments to stay in Agadir


Sidi Yusef Home

Sidi Yusef Home is a complete apartment. It’s a very cozy space that provides all the amenities you could require. The beds are very big and comfortable. The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen if you would like to cook your own meals as well as a washing machine.


The apartment is located very close to Souk el HAd so it’s ideal if you want to buy food and cook directly at home. The host loves to greet his guests with a Moroccan tea and he’s always available to answer any questions you could have about Agadir and Morocco.


Click to check out rates and availability for “Sidi Yusef Home”


Studiotel Afoud

This is a lovely hotel with huge and spacious studio apartments. There is enough space in the studios to completely relax and stretch your legs. Most studios come equipped with a mini-kitchen and a working desk and table. Some of the small apartments even have a small terrace.


Have a look here at the pictures of these lovely studios.


Click to check out rates and availability for “Studiotel Afoud”


Where to stay in Agadir - budget accomodation in Agadir



Where to eat in Agadir – Best restaurants in Agadir


If you’re a fan of delicious food and want to try what the Moroccan cuisine has to offer, you’ll have a blast in Agadir!


Agadir has traditional restaurants where you can sample the best of Moroccan gastronomy. There is also great European cuisine, and good vegan and vegetarian options in town.


Here are some of our favorite restaurants in the city:


Restaurant Daffy

This is the first restaurant I visited in Agadir and I totally fell in love with it, even going back three times. It specializes in tagines and other traditional recipes. Here you can have one of the best fish tagines on the whole coast of Morocco!


They also serve a wonderful octopus tagine. The traditional dishes are also served with plenty of delicious steaming-hot vegetables, prunes, and lemons.


The service at the restaurant Daffy is great and the staff will really make you feel at home.


Here is where you’ll find this restaurant in Agadir:



Let’s be healing food

Every dish served at this restaurant is a work of art while being extremely delicious. The way the food is presented at Let’s be healing food is taken to a whole new level. Just have a look at these pictures and see for yourself!


Not only are the dishes stunningly beautiful, but they also feel very healthy. That’s probably thanks to the number of fresh fruits and veggies that decorate every plate.


They have gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. They have great pancakes, smoothies, and desserts. I recommend trying their vegetarian tacos, you won’t regret it!


The restaurant is located a bit outside of Agadir in Tamraght, but it’s well worth getting there by local buses.


This is where the restaurant is situated:



L’Ardoise Gourmande

If you want a change from traditional Moroccan cuisine while visiting Agadir, I strongly recommend this charming French restaurant. They have excellent shellfish dishes and some of the best beef tenderloins in Morocco.


The cuisine is inspired by many traditional French dishes but with a Moroccan twist.


Here is where you’ll find L’Ardoise Gourmande in Agadir:




How to get to Agadir from Marrakech


Marrakech often called the ”Red City” is one of the most visited destinations in Morocco. It’s filled with hammams, souks, museums, and palaces.


Transiting between Marrakech and Agadir is very easy and it can be done by hopping on a bus, aboard a plane or by driving there with your own car.


What to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is usually the first city travelers will visit in Morocco…


  • How to get to Agadir from Marrakech by direct bus

The best way to get from Marrakech to Agadir is by bus with two bus companies called CTM and Supratours.


I’ve traveled around Morocco with various bus companies and CTM and Supratours, although being slightly more expensive, are the only ones I would recommend. The buses are always newer and much more comfortable than the ones used by other companies.


The trip between the two cities will cost between 100 and 130 MAD and takes around 3 hours.


You can catch the bus at the CTM bus station in Marrakech in the city center on Abou Bakr Seddiq street (see map down below). You can buy your ticket in advance at the bus station or book it online.


Remember, if you book your ticket online, you still have to go to the CTM office to pay for your luggage on the day of departure so make sure you arrive a bit ahead of time.


You can also consult the bus schedules on the CTM website.


This is where you can find the CTM bus station in Marrakech:



This is where the Supratours bus station is located in Marrakech:



You can find the Supratours ticket prices and schedules here.


In Agadir, you’ll reach the respective bus stations of these companies. They’re both located right in the city center so it’s very convenient to get from there to your accommodation.


  • How to drive from Marrakech to Agadir

These two cities are not too far from each other and the road between both locations is in pristine condition. Traveling from one city to the other by car is easy and convenient.


Whether you travel in your own car or in a rented one, this road goes along some gorgeous landscapes and you’ll have the freedom to stop whenever you want to take pictures.


Only 258 km separate the two cities and driving to Agadir takes on average 3 hours.


The best way to get there is to follow highway A7.




How to get to Agadir from Essaouira


Essaouira attracts a crowd of surfers and backpackers throughout the year. The city has a peculiar Portuguese architecture and the small streets are filled with the beautiful handicraft of local artisans.


Essaouira and Agadir are two great Moroccan surfing destinations. They’re both located on the Western coastline of the country and it’s really easy to visit the two places back to back.


The fortress tower of Bastion Nord - Things to see and do in Essaouira – The complete guide to Morocco's windy city - Essouira port - Journal of Nomads

Essaouira has traces of the Portuguese influence in its architecture…


  • How to get to Agadir from Essaouira by bus

Essaouira is not very big and it’s easy to find the two main bus stations (CTM and Supratours) located very close to the old town.


Here is where you’ll find the Supratours bus station in Essaouira:



And this is the location of the CTM bus station:



You can find the bus schedules and ticket prices on the CTM and Supratours website. In Essaouira, it’s very convenient to just buy the tickets directly at the bus stations instead of online.


  • How to drive from Essaouira to Agadir

The road between Essaouira and Agadir is one of the most beautiful in the country. It follows the coastline and you’ll be driving right next to pristine beaches and through idyllic little villages.


If you have your own car or if you’re renting one, you’ll find that the highway connecting the two cities is a very pleasant one to drive on. To get there, simply follow highway N1 towards the South.




How to get around Agadir


Agadir is a very touristic destination and getting around the city itself is fairly easy. The touristy part of the town is small enough that you can reach any attraction on foot.


Agadir has good public buses. They cost between 3 and 5 MAD. Just hand the money directly to the driver and he’ll give you a bus ticket.


You can get a map of the city with the bus lines and bus stops on it at the tourist Office along Boulevard Mohammad V near the Miramar Hotel.


Getting around Agadir by taxi is also very easy. Make sure the driver starts the taximeter so you don’t get overcharged.


I hope this guide will be useful on your trip to Agadir! Have you been to Agadir before? Are you planning on visiting this city soon? Let us know in the comments below.



Top Things to Do in Agadir


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