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We are Cynthia and Niko, "professional" nomads from Belgium and Canada, who love to RocknRoam around the world. We are currently on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure: traveling from Ireland to Alaska, across six continents, with no time limit and without taking any airplanes. We travel overland mainly by hitchhiking, and cross the oceans and seas by taking boats.



Before we started this world trip (and website), we both already had been traveling for years, each in our own corner of the world. We met for the first time in person in September 2014, between the grape vines in France - very romantic! - while we were picking grapes. It wasn't love at first sight but within one hour, we decided to travel together. We love telling people how we met, because it's a very interesting story, you can read it in Ask and it is given - an uncommon love story.


Ask and it is given - an uncommon love story - Journal of Nomads



I'm a 32 years old and I'm Flemish - no, I'm not from Flemland (like some people asked ?!?) but I was born in a small town near the coast in Belgium - an eeny tiny country surrounded by the Netherlands, Germany and France. I've been traveling full-time since 2011 and I'm a writer, photographer, teacher, nature and chocolate lover (I'm from Belgium, what did you expect?). 




I feel more at home in a tent than in a real house (unless there's a fridge with chocolate and wine). As a child I loved pitching a little tent in my own backyard where I would read endless piles of books and comics. My favorite place is somewhere in the wild, sitting next to a river or under a tree where I will read, draw or write stories. My favorite smell is that of a campfire, seasoned with the scent of roasting meat, fish and a few fried bananas.



Before I started traveling, I worked as an art and special needs teacher in Belgium. My feet have always been itchy and after some trips to South Africa, Malaysia, Senegal, Brazil and Egypt, I decided on my 25th birthday to turn my life upside down, give up all my belongings and dive head first into the unknown. I lived in a van on the beaches of Australia, worked on an isolated sheep farm in the mountains of New Zealand, wandered through Bali and Malaysia, lived in a tree house in Ireland and explored off-the-beaten-path places in various European countries. Aside from enjoying and appreciating the natural beauty of this planet, I also have a fascination for the many cultures, traditions and stories of the people around the world.